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Letter Boxed: The Ultimate Guide to Social Film Discovery


In This Article, Are You A Film Lovers, Have You Heard About Letter Boxed, the Social Network For Film Lovers? In this article we’ll give an introduction to this helpful app and its features – plus show how you can begin exploring Letter Boxed today.

letter boxed
letter boxed

What is Letter Boxed?

Letter Boxed is a free social media platform designed for film enthusiasts of all types. Created by Karl von Randow and Matthew Buchanan in 2011 as a way of keeping track of films they watched and sharing their opinions with friends, Letter Boxed has grown into an expansive community with millions of users actively using it to discover new films, rate and review films they have seen, create lists based around specific topics or follow other users to see what they are watching and enjoy.

Letter Boxed is more than a database of movies; it is also a social network for film enthusiasts. Use Letter Boxed as a diary of your viewing habits as you watch films or simply as an archive of films you have watched before. Show some love for your favorite films by liking lists and reviews or commenting on user posts to start conversations; join groups and events for film challenges, festivals or discussions and join groups or events for special challenges and discussions.

Letter Boxed is an invaluable way to discover films that suit your taste and interests. Browse popular, trending or upcoming films; search genre, year, country director actor keyword; receive customized recommendations based on ratings or watchlist; explore collections by other users with similar or dissimilar tastes than yourself and discover hidden gems you otherwise would have missed out on.

How to use Letter Boxed?

Letter Boxed can be easily accessed for free by either visiting its official website on any browser, or by downloading the app for Android and iOS devices. In order to create an account on Letter Boxed, you will first need a username, password and email id – these will enable other users to identify and follow your account on Letter Boxed.

Once you’ve created an account, editing your profile to add more character is simple and fun Filling in information such as your name, bio, location, pronoun preference and up to four favorite movies to showcase on your profile are all good places to start. Plus you can even add an avatar and banner image for an eye-catching finish.

Starting off using Letter Boxed is easy – simply search for films by name and click on “Log.” From there, rate them on a five-star scale with halves, write reviews (optional), add tags (optional), mark as watched or add it to your watchlist (if it comes out later) Plus you can create lists on any topic by clicking “Create list”, adding films by searching their name then searching “Add”. Easily customize titles, descriptions, order and visibility of your lists.

Discovering new films is simple with our homepage where you will see popular, trending or upcoming films as well as featured lists and reviews from other users. Additionally, click the Explore tab for additional options to filter films by genre, year, country, director actor keyword; while click Recommendations for tailored suggestions based on your ratings and watchlist.

For easy interaction, simply follow other users by clicking their usernames and the “Follow” button – this way, their activity will show up on your homepage feed, where you can also like or comment on their posts by using the respective buttons below each post. Moreover, groups and events are easily found by selecting “Community”, where there will be various options to participate in film challenges, festivals and discussions.

Why use Letter Boxed?

Letter Boxed is more than an app for tracking movies – it’s an interactive platform for sharing and connecting with like-minded film lovers around the globe. By using Letter Boxed, you can:

  • Keep track of every film you have ever watched (or just start from the day you join)
  • Record and share your opinion about films with ratings and reviews
  • Compile and share lists of films on any topic and keep a watchlist of films to see
  • Discover new films that match your taste and interests
  • Explore the collections of other users who have similar or different tastes from you
  • Follow other users to see what they are watching and enjoying
  • Like and comment on other users’ posts to start a conversation
  • Join groups and events to participate in film challenges, festivals, and discussions
  • Have fun and learn more about cinema

Letter Boxed is the premier source for social film discovery. If you love watching films, give this platform a try – you may be amazed at just how much enjoyment comes from using Letter Boxed.

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