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Leading Rolex Retailers Including Ice Strom Gems Preparing For Increased Demand In 2021


Last updated on July 3rd, 2021 at 12:03 pm

Top Rolex retailers are bracing for high demand in 2021. They are stocking their shelves with the latest models. As usual, they expect to sell out all their stock even before the middle of the year.

Leading Rolex Retailers Including Ice Strom Gems Preparing For Increased Demand In 2021

According to analysts at Ice Storm Gems, a leading Rolex dealer, the demand for Rolex watches is at an all-time high. Most Rolex dealers in London, New York, and other major cities agree with that fact.

For 2020, Ice Storm Gems sold out their diamond Rolexes before the third quarter. Other highly demanded watches were Iced Out Rolex and Patek Philippe Iced Out.  

American & European Dealerships

The greatest Rolex sales figures for 2021 are expected from American and European dealerships. Predictions indicate that there might also be promising figures from the Middle-East and Asian markets. For the African market, the focal point will be Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt,and Kenya. These are the African markets with the highest number of dollar millionaires. 

More watch dealerships are opening in emerging markets. These markets hold great promise for increased sales in the future. That is because the middle and upper classes are growing in these countries. 

As for developed countries, the market is already mature. Therefore, not much is expected from them. In developing nations, the market has not yet reached maturity. That means that more people will become millionaires in the next few years and these are the people who will demand Rolex and other luxury items.

Online Sales Are Expected To Spike

Most watch dealerships are increasing the speed and security of their websites. That is because they expect more sales to happen online in 2021 going forward. As for Ice Storm Gems, they revamped their website. They believe that 2021 will be a great year for online sales majorly because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Most countries are advising their citizens to do more transactions online instead of locally to curb the spread of the virus.

Disposable Incomes

With increasing disposable incomes, more people are demanding luxury items, and the Rolex watch is on top of the list. This is the most luxurious watch brand. Owning a rolex watch is a status symbol. It sends across a strong fashion statement. Rolex is the stuff for billionaires, Hollywood celebrities, and high-rolling politicians.

The number of dollar millionaires is increasing and it is not only in the U.S. and U.K. That is also the case in India, China, and Africa. 

Waiting List

“There is already a long waiting list,” says Mark Kelly, a sales specialist at Ice Storm Gems. The sales enthusiasm is stronger despite the Covid-19 pandemic. The rich always have money to spend whether or not it is a pandemic period.

Even during the Great Recession of 2008, rich people were still spending on luxury items such as Rolex watches and Ferrari Cars.

The average Rolex customer is someone who has a good disposable income. They also have millions of dollars in savings stashed away in several bank accounts. Therefore, nothing can stop them from spending even when a pandemic or a recession is ongoing.

Fast-Selling Watch

The Rolex watch is a fast-selling watch. That is because it has real value. After all, it is made with high-end materials. It is not possible to find a genuine watch made using cheap materials. Most of them are made using diamond or gold.


Rolex watches are also handcrafted instead of being mass-produced in factories. It takes many man-hours just to produce a single Rolex watch. Each watch is made by a skilled craftsman who has decades of watch-making experience. Each watch undergoes intense testing before it is released for sale.

Accuracy & Precision

Rolex watches are known for their high level of accuracy. They record time in the most precise manner because of the use of proprietary technology. No watch brand on earth beats Rolex when it comes to accuracy.

About Ice Storm Gems

Ice Storm Gems is a leading retailer of luxury watches that is recognized by the Rolex Company. They sell genuine Iced out rolex icebox and Patek watches among other items.

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