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Lead generation and email marketing


Lead generation and email marketing: Business needs nowadays require the involvement of multiple marketing tools. But sometimes, they are so numerous you can hardly understand what each of them is about. However, email marketing is a pretty old and well-known thing used even before email systems appeared. In this article, learn about what email marketing exactly is, how to use it to benefit, and why leads by Belkins’ are magnificent at enhancing your email marketing strategy.

What is email marketing?

You can define email marketing simply – it’s a marketing campaign run through email distribution. And this simple definition will include all the finesses touching upon nurturing the leads, raising sales performance, etc. To be more specific, we use email marketing for:

  • communicating different news relating to the brand we promote;
  • developing sales performance;
  • involving people in the community.

These functions are simple but effective. Because modern email marketing has become even more personalized, specialists estimate this marketing means to be even more efficient than social media resources. 

How to use emails 

Depending on how you want an email to function, you choose a type of letter to send. According to three functions, there exist three types of commercial emails:

  • For informing – this mailing is usually called newsletters. You send them regularly and use them to communicate the brand-relating news. It can be sharing another achievement or changes in terms of the use of a product.
  • For promotion – this seems closer to an advertisement. The difference is that having access to the personal inbox, you can customize the message depending on the person that receives your letter. These emails people commonly send when a campaign is running (for a limited period) can consist of various info – from banners with a personalized offer to invitations for a webinar.
  • For involvement – receivers are those community members who tend to be less active than others. Those who showed decreasing activity get them too. You can be as creative as you wish using this type of email, as the purpose is to repair the interest of a potential customer.

With a clear understanding of what each email form should look like and what information it should consist you have more chances to boost the efficiency of using this traditional marketing method. 

Coordination with lead generation

Email marketing’s opportunities are used with the help of lead generation to improve it. Before you start mailing, you need to get a list of emails, and for everything to be legal, you need to make people subscribe willingly. To make your email marketing’s even more effective and organized, use the Belkins services. The Folder ESP is a perfect solution for those tired of spam-related problems and other automation pitfalls. With this software and the Belkins professionals’ consultation, you have all chances to build a reliable marketing system. 

In conclusion to all the above, any business owner striving to build a marketing strategy should remember the importance of email marketing. It is an indispensable tool for a result-oriented approach, and with Belkins help, you can use it the most meaningfully.