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Who Is Laura Voepel? Know Everything About Her


Anderson Lee Aldrich is the mother of the Colorado shooter. She has a history with legal issues including three California warrants which are still active. She was also caught on camera insulting another passenger while she flew.

Aldrich opened fire on a Colorado gay club called Club Q, Saturday night, November 19. Five people were killed in the hate crime incident. You can find more details in the article.

Police are currently holding Aldrich. During the attack, at least two brave witnesses tackled Aldrich, aged 22. 25 others sustained injuries in addition to the five deaths.

Aldrich was previously detained in June 2021 for a bomb threat. However, no formal charges were ever filed against them. A Frontier Airlines passenger captured Aldrich and Voepel fighting on July 31. This video was later released.

Who is Laura Voepel?

Maria Martinez, Aurora, captured the footage. Martinez claimed that Aldrich called Maria a racial epithet insulting to Hispanics. Martinez began filming Voepel and Aldrich as soon as she called her that name.

How does that affect me? Fox 31 reports that Martinez can be heard saying the following in the footage. Voepel tells Martinez to “shut down,” and Martinez responds, “What makes you a b –?”?” A few moments later, Aldrich replied, “You continue following me, but I’m going f-ing you up.”

Martinez claimed that Kayla and Kayla recognized Aldrich, even though they were hiding their faces as Aldrich was being charged with the Colorado shooting.

Martinez was traveling with Tanya De La O (Martin’s friend), who claimed Voepel started to hurl racial slurs. “I was struggling to lower my suitcase from the overhead bin, when I heard a woman shout, “Hurry up. You are b

I then turned around and apologized. De La O claims that Aldrich was complicit in verbal abuse. According to Martinez, Aldrich must have picked up the behavior of their mother.

Martinez stated that she tried to express her concerns to Frontier Airlines crew members, but they refused to listen.

As an alternative, they advised Martinez to contact customer service later. Customer service advised her to call back later and that she would have to file a written complaint. Keep following chopnews for more news

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