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Launch Fireworks Along The River Bank [Updated]


Launch Fireworks Along The River Bank: This wonderful 4th of July morning, Fortnite’s 14 Days Of Summer promotion is well underway.

For the past ten days, players have been immersed in new Limited-Time Modes, as well as a new Unvaulted weapon to experiment with each day.

Launch Fireworks Along The River Bank

In addition to the fun, each day of the event features a new challenge and prize. On Day 10, we’re supposed to set off three fireworks that we found along a riverbank.

On the game’s map, there is just one real river, which divides the island in half from north to south. Each Firework can be found and launched in the following locations:

The following are the locations

• Lazy Lagoon’s northeastern shore, among the little boats.

• On a slope above the waterfall, the southernmost point of Lazy Lagoon.

• Two automobiles east of Loot Lake on the grass.

• Near a tree on the western bank, south of Loot Lake and east of Neo Tilted.

• On the western bank, south of Neo Tilted.

• On the western bank of the river, west of Fatal Fields in the snow biome.

• Northwest of Lucky Landing, near the bridge that spans the river.

It’s possible that there are more down the riverbank, and if I uncover any, I’ll update this site. Please let me know if you come across anything else.

The difficulty to this challenge is that once one of these pyrotechnics has been set off, it is gone for the duration of the match.

This implies that even if you find one of these sites, you may not be able to launch a firework because another person may have done so earlier. This isn’t how most similar challenges work, so good luck.

The Day 9 task was to get trick points on a driftboard while wearing a customised 14 Days Of Summer wrap. You may read more about it here.

The impending Stranger Things X Fortnite crossover event has also been announced by Epic Games and Netflix, which sounds pretty cool. Stranger Things premieres today on Netflix.

Happy 4th of July, everyone! Good luck with your fireworks launch!

P.S. For finishing this challenge, you’ll receive a nice double pickaxe called the Low ‘n ‘Slow:

That can’t get any more summertime than that! (P.S. This pickaxe will be required for a future 14 Days Of Summer challenge.)