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Who Is Lamora Williams And Why Did She Murder Her Own Kids?


Lamora Williams, a 24-year old single mother of four children, was in 2017 a single mother. The accusation is that she put her two youngest children in an oven, and turned it on between midnight and 11 p.m. October 12th.

Lamora William Georgia Story – Lamora Will Kids Autopsy

Lamora Williams, an Atlanta resident, was in the spotlight October 2017. Why did she become so popular? She brutally murdered her children.

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Williams’ family claims Williams has been unstable since childhood, and that her father abandoned her.

Tabitha Hollingsworth was Williams’ sister. She said that Williams had attempted suicide when she was younger.

Brenda Williams, Lamora’s mother, said that her daughter Lamora was slow to learn and had to be home-schooled.

When she was 18, Williams had her first child, a girl. Williams was assisted by the father of her daughter.

After the romance was over, she remained in a long-term relationship to Jamel Penn Sr. and they had three children together.

Jameel Penn Sr., who was 24 years old, left Williams and her children in 2017. However she continued to support her with finances and children.

Williams’ close friend NeesaSmith received a phone call on October 13th from Williams, in which Williams seemed to be in distress. Smith asked Williams what was wrong and Williams replied that she couldn’t do it anymore.

Smith was informed by her that Ja’Karter (one year old) and Ke-Yaunte (two years old) were dead.

Smith urged Williams to call the cops. In the next video, Williams calls Jameel Penn, the father of the children, instead of calling the cops.

Williams turned her camera around in the apartment while Penn was on the phone. Penn saw his sons lying on the ground. He immediately dialed 911.

Williams also called the police at 11:30 p.m. Williams stated in the 911 call she had left Lamora Children to be with her cousin, but later changed it to her sister. She returned home to find her children’s bodies.

She claimed that one child was trapped under a “pulled-over” oven, that both were burned and that the “brains were on top of the floor.”

Williams was concerned about going to prison during the 911 call and asked the dispatcher for assurances.

Prosecutors believe Williams deliberately burned her children, ages 2 and 3, to conceal the fact that she had killed them. Williams has pleaded not guilty to all the charges levelled against him.

Williams’ sister raised alarm and suggested that Williams be placed on suicide watch at the jail. Williams’ mother held her daughter accountable for her actions, while acknowledging her own issues.

After losing her two youngest grandkids to her daughter’s behavior, she indicated that she might need help and that it has been very difficult for her.

This terrible incident occurred on October 13, 2017. Mother murdered her two children, who she shared with Jamel Penn, their father. We were told by emergency services that Ke’Yaunte Penn was found dead and Ja’Karter Wils had their heads in an oven. This news was unbelievable.

The pathologists could not tell whether the children had been previously killed or if they died from being baked in the oven. The autopsy report confirmed that the cause of death was not related to the child’s previous deaths. It was amazing that a mother could do this with her children.

The neighbours said that Lamora’s apartment smelled of death. This suggests that the child’s body might have been there for just a few days.

Lamora called Neesa Smith, a close friend before calling 911. Smith was notified by Lamora that her sons had been killed. Neesa, her friend, advised her to call police and asked her to confess.

Lamora repeatedly told 911 dispatcher she didn’t know the murderer of her children and that she didn’t want to go into Jail. She also said that her children were dead when she returned from work.

She blamed her cousin for leaving her children with her cousin. Her cousin is no longer here and my oldest son is still alive.

She first blamed her cousin, but then she began to say that her sister was caring for her children. Her sister is a murderer.

She made a lot of confusing statements, but it was finally revealed that she was the sole responsible for her child’s death. Finally, when she provided her location to 911 dispatcher, she stated that she saw her children dead in the oven.

Why Lamora Williams killed her two sons

Brenda Williams, Lamora Williams’ mother, was well-known for her mental health. Lamora Williams suffered from a mental illness that made her slow. She also mentioned that her daughter wasn’t doing well at school so she pulled her out of school to give her homeschooling.

Lamora was 18 when she gave birth to a girl. The baby girl was taken care of by her father and his family. Lamora began dating Jameel Pen shortly after.

After that, she had three children together with Jamel Penn. Jameel broke off the relationship in 2017, despite everything going well. According to sources, Jameel Penn’s family supported her financially to raise the children.

Brenda knew that something terrible was coming. Brenda attempted to get custody after the father of the children left Lamora. However, she was unsuccessful.

She reported to the Division of Family and Children’s services about Lamora’s mental health. She can’t care for the children.

Tabitha Hollingworth was Lamora’s sister and also knew about her condition. She supported her mother’s concerns regarding children.

Tabitha stated that she had witnessed her sister leave the children alone. Tabitha also said that her sister (Lamora), tried to cut her wrists one day.

Lamora Williams was convicted of murdering her sons and went to Jail

Lamora Williams was convicted of murder in 2018. Lamora Williams was charged with murder in 2018. Her family was certain that she was the murderer.

Lamora was accused of murder, making false statements to 911 dispatcher, aggravated attack, and concealing the death. Jameel, her three-year-old son was also subject to cruelty. Her three-year old son was also at the house when Jamel and his brothers died.

According to the pathologist, there were no fractures or signs of blunt force trauma. Although the boys weren’t burned, their bodies were damaged by the electric oven. The electric oven was used by Lamora to hide the murder method, according to officers.

Williams’ guilt or innocence is still unknown. The Georgia Dept. has not provided any additional information on the case. Her name isn’t listed in the Georgia Dept. Search for Corrections inmates

Based on her mental state, I don’t believe she was competent to stand trial. My assumptions would have led me to believe that Lamora Williams should have been admitted to a mental facility or hospital in order to treat her mental condition.

Local funeral homes offered their assistance for the burials of the boy. Jameel Penn (the father of the children) created a GoFundMe account to raise funds for the rest. He now has to look after the children.

His brother will never be able see his brother again due to Lamora’s mental illness.

Four facts you should know about Williams Killing her Sons

1. The Children’s Father was called Lamora Video and the Deaths were discovered

Lamora Williams video-called the father of the children to learn about this terrible incident. He was unable to speak with her via video, so she videochatted with her.

Penn, the father, was shocked to see his children on the ground. He was shocked to see his children and called the police.

2. Brenda was very aware of the mental health of her daughter.

Brenda Williams was very aware of her daughter’s mental state. She used to call Lamora a sick person. Lamora’s father died and she lost her mother.

Brenda shared information about her daughter’s habit of ripping off doll heads. She also tried to cut her wrists multiple times.

3. Lamora intentionally murdered her children.

The investigation revealed that Lamora Williams was responsible for the murders. She did it between midnight and 11 p.m. on October 13. October 12, 2011 at 11:11 p.m. in Atlanta. She was determined to kill her children. According to some reports, she placed the heads of her children in an oven.

According to the forensic investigators, there were also burn marks on the bodies of the children.

4. According to reports, Lamora called her friend after the crime.

Lamora called the children’s father and then called Neesa Smith, her friend. According to reports, Lamora told her friend about the situation and asked her for advice.

A friend suggested that she call the police to get help. She listened to Neesa’s advice and called 911.


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