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Knowing Everything About Car Speakers – Driving Is Fun With Music On


Knowing Everything About Car Speakers – Driving Is Fun With Music On: Listing to music inside a car while driving is very common and the ones who drive long distance need a good quality speaker to keep the music loud and on. 6 x 8 speakers are very popular these days because it’s long-lasting and offers a sensory experience while the music is on. There are people who have a passion for digital display in the audio system of the vehicle but speakers are of great importance when it comes to producing quality sound. If you are trying to revamp the audio system, start with the speakers and you would notice the change. These speakers can basically produce the best quality music output.

Knowing Everything About Car Speakers – Driving Is Fun With Music On

Matching your speakers rightly

New speakers can give new life to your vehicle but you need to keep a few things in mind while choosing a speaker.  Here are the things to consider while buying speakers:

•    Sensitivity

Sensitivity measures the amount of sound yielded by the speaker after power is applied to it. If your car stereo is low powered, you need to buy speakers that have high sensitivity and vice-versa.

•    The size and configuration of the speaker

Prior to buying new speakers, you must do a little research about the ones that already exist. If you are planning to replace the speakers of your car, you need to know the size and configuration of the existing one. Only then you can buy the ones that could just replace the existing ones.

•    Power handling

This gives you information about the amount of power a speaker can handle. If your system is low powered, your speakers won’t be able to handle excessive power. The main specification in power handling is maximum PMS power-handling and it’s not about the peak power handling.

Material of speakers

The material of the speakers would decide its sound quality and durability.

•    Woofer materials

The woofer of the speaker must be made of lightweight and stiff material, this produces the low notes. Most woofer cones in-car speakers are made of polypropylene which is good but if this component is mixed with mica or similar materials then the bass is better.

•    Surround material

Surround gives freedom to the woofer cone to move freely and give better bass. It must be crafted so that it stands up to humidity and temperature but surround made of rubber is the best.

•    Tweeter materials

The material of the tweeter has a lot of effect on the sound quality. Tweeters are crafted of soft materials, textile blends, poly, silk etc. Soft materials deliver soft sound but if you like it loud, go for tough material.

What type of speakers do you require?

Car speakers can be divided into two categories: component speakers and full-range speakers.

·      Component speakers

The speaker design of a component speaker is superior so that you get the best sound. A usual component system has a separate woofer, external crossovers, and tweeters. In this system, the tweeter is spate from the woofer and you can mount in the desired location that gives the best imaging. Component systems are usually made of better materials than the full-range ones so the dynamics they deliver are exceptional and the sound is extremely detailed.

·      Full range speakers

Full-range speakers have all the speaker elements in one place. They have a woofer and a tweeter; some models come with additional midrange and super tweeter. These are available in different sizes and can easily fit in the place where old speakers have been replaced.


What is your budget? Car speakers are of different types and have varied pricing as well. Simply replacing a speaker is quite affordable but if you are planning to install hi-tech systems that are high in performance, then this would be an expensive project. Prior to visiting the shop, research well and set the budget. The size of the speaker does not affect the sound performance of the system.


Setting up the sound system of your car is like putting puzzles together but if you can do it seamlessly, the finished product would be awesome. It’s not easy to choose a set of fabulous 6 x 8 speakers, the options are plenty and every year companies are bringing in new models. You can find online reviews about most of these study carefully the features, the set of pros and cons and consider your budget as well before buying. It’s simply overwhelming to learn about these accessories, you can also ask any expert you know who can suggest which speaker to buy.