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Kiely Rodni Death Update: Found Dead Body Missing Teenager


Many Of Official News Reporter reported that Kiely Rodni Death Update has been determined for a California teenager who was once missing. Her body was found in a reservoir. Truckee’s Kiely rodni, a 16-year-old girl from Truckee, had vanished Aug. 6, near the Prosser Family Campground. She was there to attend a party with hundreds. A group of volunteers divers discovered the body and car of the 16-year old girl in the Prosser Reservoir on Aug. 21.

According to Official News reports, Rodni’s autopsy results were released Thursday by the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office. They determined that her death was accidental. According to ABC, the sheriff’s office stated in a statement that “this ruling is based upon the pathologist’s finding she drowned and that there was no evidence suggesting she was the victim or foul play.”

Kiely Rodni Death Update

Lindsey Rodni Nieman (Rodni’s mother, center), listens to law enforcement at a news conference held in Truckee on Aug. 9.  According to Reno Gazette Journal which obtained the report, the six-page autopsy report stated that there was no evidence of internal or external injuries, head trauma, or sexual assault.

According to Gazette Journal, the autopsy included a toxicology report which showed positive results for nicotine and caffeine, as well as delta-9 THC (a compound in marijuana).

Rodni disappeared, prompting a huge search that included efforts by Jagger Westfall, her boyfriend of 18 years. Westfall posted online about his efforts to find the girl missing and expressed hope that she was still around.

In late August, he uploaded a series Instagram stories featuring a tattoo on his forearm that read, “Stay alive, for me.” One photo had overlay text that read “You are forever in [my] heart and [now] a physical part[ of me,” This will serve as a reminder for others to spread your message. Your world will always be mine.”

On August 23, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office issued a statement that stated: “Today an autopsy performed on the deceased individual who were found in the Prosser Reservoir Sunday, August 21st. The Nevada County Sheriff Coroner identified the deceased as Kiely Rodni (16), of Truckee.

“The Placer County Sheriff’s Office, and the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office have been in contact with Kiely’s Family and offer their deepest condolences during this very difficult time.”

Adventures with Purpose, a volunteer diving team, claimed that they found the body of the 16-year old inside her car at Prosser Reservoir.

The FBI is conducting an investigation and has offered to inspect the SUV. California Highway Patrol will lead the investigation into the collision.

Kiely vanished on August 6, at 12.30am, near Truckee’s Prosser Family Campground.

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13th Oct 2022, 19.00 Cause of death

On Thursday, law enforcement issued the following statement: “The Coroner’s Division at the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office ruled that Kiely Mai Rodni’s death was accidental.”

“This ruling is based upon the pathologist’s conclusion that she drowned and that there was no evidence to suggest that she was the victim foul play.

“As always our office will work with the family to evaluate any additional information regarding this investigation.” They concluded that they asked both the media as well as the public to agree to the following: Respect the privacy of your family during this difficult time.”

24th August 2022, 08.32 A friend said Kiely seemed drunk

Sami Smith (18), a friend of Kiely’s helped lead the search as she spoke with many of the participants at an unregulated party at the local campground before the 16-year old went missing.

Smith explained to The U.S. Sun that Smith was telling her mother she would be her designated driver since that’s how she was going to party. Smith said that Smith gave an alibi to ensure her mom didn’t panic and shout, “I want you home sooner,” Smith added.

“The woman she claimed she would drive me out actually drove me there. I believe she only took one friend.

She planned to get drunk and get f***ed up. I had asked her earlier in the evening if she would take me home. She was not fit to drive.

“I haven’t slept in 2 days since the 72-hour mark. I have had four hours of sleep total. It’s hard, I’ll admit it.

Friends also revealed that they believe the older boys were between 20 and 21 years old and came from Sacramento or Nevada City.

Family believes they heard about the party via text and social media.

24TH AUG 2022 at 09:15 ‘Devastating reality’

Many people have used social media to express their sorrow for Kiely, while others lament the fact that it was so easy for the teenager to return home.

One user on Twitter posted a screenshot showing Uber prices from Kiely’s party site, and wrote that “all it would have taken was someone taking Kiely’s keys, and $40.”

24TH AUG 2022 at 07:00 Private investigators were on the scene

Private investigator claims that he was at Prosser Lake along with Kiely’s family members when the diving team discovered what is believe to be Kiely’s car and remains.

He said that he could not share any details, but added: “To my team I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your kindness. Kiely, I’m so sorry.

24TH AUG 2022 at 06:32 Kiely’s ex-boyfriend sends her condolences

Jagger Westfall (Kiley Rodni’s boyfriend), posted a tribute to the teenager by posting a video of himself and Kiely on Monday.

The caption begins, “You were my whole world and you will always be”,

“I will never be able to love another person the way that I loved you. Even when you were in my arms, I still missed you. You were the best.

“I promised you I would always be there for you, and I am.”

He also shared his stories about how he got a tattoo to honor Kiely, saying, “You are forever in mine and now you’re forever a part of me.”

24TH AUG 2022 at 05:00 What was Kiely last seen wearing?

Kiely Rodni last saw herself in green Dickies pants and a black tank and vans.

Police believe she may have been wearing a sweatshirt.

Others claimed that they saw her in a borrowed Lana Del Rey jacket with the lyrics “You don’t want to forgettten, but you just want disappear” across the front.

24th August 2022, 04.31 Divers share the traumatic side of work

Founded by Jared Leisek, Doug Bishop and Doug Bishop, AWP specializes in underwater sonar recovery and search. It has been credited for solving at least 23 cold case since its formation in 2019.

Leisek spoke out to The U.S. Sun about calling the unusual work a “addiction” but admitting that it comes with an emotional burden.

Leisek stated that mental breakdowns are possible because they are dealing with sensitive issues. This was a few months after Rodni disappeared.

“I came home from another search a week early because I was missing my family, and some things were bothering me.

“And as addictive as it is to want out there, and as much as you think about all the families you could help, you need to take care of your own health.

“You have to look after your health first and make sure you are in a good place to be able to help others in need.”

24 AUG 2022, 03.01 Kiely’s relationship to her grandpa

Kiely and her grandfather had a close relationship.

The video of the couple singing and playing instruments inside the lodge released earlier in the month. A young Kiely can be seen singing Iris DeMent’s Mama’s Opry in one clip.

In another video, she is seen playing the mandolin and Robertson is playing the stand-up basse.

Friends and family members said that music was an integral part of Kiely’s lives. In her memory, a country music concert held at Truckee Regional Park on the 13th of August.

According to several reports, guests at The Lost Trail Lodge used to have impromptu jam sessions as a rite of passage over the years.

Robertson used to pull out his songbook every Saturday night and encourage his guests to gather in his living room to play or sing on any of his many instruments. These included a guitar, various percussion instruments and a banjo.

24TH AUG 2022, 01.03 Last photo taken at Chilling

A surveillance image of the missing teenager was located and shared by the Placer County Sheriff-Coroner-Marshal’s Office. Detectives stated that Kiely was see at Truckee’s local business on August 5, at 6.08pm. This was two hours before he arrived at the party. Kiely disappeared later that night, after driving to a large celebration in the woods.

23rd AUG 2022 at 19:00 Information about AWP discovery

Video footage from Sunday’s rescue show crews pulling a Honda SUV out of the water, while a tow truck waited at the shoreline.

Stephen Fischer, a private investigator, told the New York Post that Adventures with Purpose located the Honda Honda within 50 feet of where Kiely Rodni last called.

AWP diver Nick Rinn told The Post that the window for the driver had broken, and that Kiely was still in the backseat. According to reports, the car  found 600 yards away from Kiely’s senior party.

23rd August 2022, 19:31

It is too early to see any signs of escape. Yesterday’s press conference by the sheriff’s office confirmed that it was too early to determine if there were signs or escape from the car found underwater. A police officer confirmed that the vehicle contained only one body.

23rd August 2022, 20:00 Kiely’s hope for the future is brokenhearted

Lindsey Neiman Rodni, Kiely’s emotional mom, said to The U.S. Sun that Kiely’s birthday falls on September 1. She didn’t know what her plans were yet, added that Kiely “just wants her home.”

She explained that the gifted teen had graduated high school one year early with honors and was planning to attend the Sierra College. There, she would choose between medicine or music.

Her mom describes her as a talented musician. “She started with the violin when she was young, then she moved on to the piano, then to the guitar, ukulele and mandolin.

23RD AUG 2022 at 20:33 ‘Devastating reality’

Many people have used social media to express their sorrow for Kiely, while others lament the fact that it was so easy for the teenager to return home.

One user on Twitter posted a screenshot showing Uber prices from Kiely’s party site, writing that “all it would have taken was someone taking Kiely’s keys and $40.”

23rd August 2022, 21.32  the Family’s Statement | Kiely Rodni Death Update

Kiely’s family stated that they accept the sadness of death’s shadow and welcome the rising sun to shine light upon us. This reminds us to not mourn but to celebrate Kiely’s spirit, and the gift we all received by knowing her.

“Kiely will always be with us, even though she will never come back. Sometimes words fail.

“Perhaps that is why we have music, dance, and art as a way to connect with one another and express our deepest emotions.

The Rodni-Nieman Family concluded, “Kindly excuse as we retreat to dance privately to the song of life while we celebrate our daughters spirit and heal our hearts.”

23rd August 2022, 22:00 Tragic footage

Footage captured search and rescue crews pulling the Honda SUV out of the water while a tow truck waited at the shore. According to the group, the car  found in 14 feet water. After it  brought to shore, the silver car was covered with a purple tarp. One diver claimed that the car’s registration number matched Kiely Rodni’s missing vehicle.

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