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Kandi Burruss Was Shocked That Her “Legs, Hips, Body” Video Went Viral


Legs And Hips And Body: Kandi Burruss’ pen is truly a gift that keeps on giving – even when it comes to memes! Last month, Kandi from “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” went viral for a song she composed in 2014. In a video posted to her TikTok page on May 18th at the Lovers and Friends festival (where her group Xscape performed),

Kandi steps out from her trailer and does some dancing as she displays what she’s working with – both the song and caption reflecting this mood: “Legs, Hips, Body.”

Shortly after posting that song, Kandi received widespread appreciation as some were reminded of its original stage play “A Mother’s Love” and others heard it for the first time.

In an old clip from a scene, she sings about how good life is with her man at home while doing a choreographed dance alongside singer D. Woods, former “Housewives” co-star Porsha Williams, and social media personality Funky Dineva.

Kandi said Jami Zeigler, her manager for YouTube and social media, deserves credit for resurrecting the song. Kandi put it at the top of the video because it perfectly complemented Kandi’s backstage antics.

“When she sent it to me, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to post it right away. After waiting a couple of days and reflecting, I thought ‘Dang, I haven’t posted anything on TikTok in a minute! Let me just throw this on there,” she revealed to HuffPost.

“So it was so random; Thursday afternoon or so it went up and by Saturday morning my friends were calling me asking ‘Girl, are you going viral’ – please don’t let something bad happen!”

She was puzzled as to why people were talking during the song but eventually understood the significance.

“At first, people were making fun of my little African drums at the beginning. To be honest, I didn’t think it was that big of a deal – but okay.”

Since then, “Legs, Hips, Body” has become an internet staple. Fans have placed the song’s jungle-esque beat over screen recordings of Temple Run, recreations of scenes from the play, and videos showing off their curves. Kandi even hosted a twerk class for her girls at home to further promote its popularity.

Kandi not only wrote “Legs, Hips, and Body,” but she also penned the play and all songs on its soundtrack – “A Mother’s Love.” The autobiographical song was inspired by her mom Joyce Jones’ drama with her now-husband Todd Tucker before they tied the knot, Kandi revealed.


Tucker directed the play, featuring Shirley Murdock and Eddie Levert as its stars.

“[The play] was supposed to be about a girl from a girl group,” she noted, noting that most of what she writes is inspired by her own experiences.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that plays only last a few hours, but the legs, hips and body they leave behind remain eternal.

“A Mother’s Love” can be streamed on BET+.

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