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Job Responsibilities and Skills Translator Required

Pankaj Gola



Job Responsibilities and Skills Translator Required: A translator is a type of profession that can be chosen for those of you who have the ability to use two or more language services. This profession in the field of translation is also quite promising and is always needed. In fact, a translator is one of the professions targeted by graduates of English literature or foreign languages. If you are curious about this profession, consider the explanation that we have prepared below.

Ordinary people usually call a translator as a profession whose job is to translate text from a foreign language. In fact, a translator is not a profession that only translates words literally. A translator need to translate a lot of languages from one to another. In his work, a translator must understand the context of what he will translate. If it only translates carelessly or only literally, surely the results of the work will not be satisfactory.

ways to understand the context of writing

There are several ways to understand the context of writing, for example, doing research on the internet or in books first. In addition, there are still quite a number of translators who also use help from dictionaries, encyclopedias, grammar books, support programs, and other supporting resources. As mentioned, translators usually work from home to complete their tasks. However, a translator can also work in an office like any other employee. For example, a translator who works in a publishing company that translates books or comics. Indeed, the main task of a translator is to translate the text in writing. Usually, the text is not only about the topic of popular culture. They must also be able to translate documents on various topics such as law, education, and research results.

Many people still mistakenly think an interpreter and translator are the same jobs. The difference between interpreters and translators can be seen in their job responsibilities. A translator whose main task is to translate text in writing, while interpreters translate orally. The following will explain in more detail what the job responsibilities of a translator are:

Make accurately translated text

– Write and edit the translation results so that they are easy to understand.
– Prepare a summary of the translated text.
– Attend brainstorming with the team in preparation for the translation process.
– Use special applications or software to upload content, if needed.
– Check the translation results from spelling to context.
– Consult a professional who is an expert in a particular field if needed in the translation process.
– Discussion with the editor to ensure that the translation is in accordance with the original meaning.

A translator is quite a difficult job because it doesn’t only rely on foreign language skills. A reliable translator must also have good storytelling and writing skills. As mentioned above, when translating it should not be taken literally and one must know what the context is like. That is why the ability to understand other cultures is very important to have so that things are translated not mistakenly. To understand this culture can be done by reading lots of books and finding out via the internet, encyclopedias, and many others.

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