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Jennifer O’Neill Spouse: A Timeline of Her Marriages

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Jennifer O’Neill Spouse: Jennifer O’Neill is a Brazilian-born American actress, model, author, and activist who first gained notoriety during the 1970s with roles in films like Summer of ’42, Rio Lobo and Scanners. Additionally, she’s known for her longstanding endorsement deal with CoverGirl cosmetics as well as involvement with pro-life causes and various pro-life initiatives. But what of Jennifer O’Neill’s personal life – how many marriages has she had and who are her spouses? Here is a brief outline of Jennifer O’Neill’s marital history:

Dean Rossiter: 1965-1971

Jennifer O’Neill Spouse
Jennifer O’Neill Spouse

Jennifer O’Neill married Dean Rossiter when she was just 17 years old; he was the heir to a furniture store heir and former Marine. They had one daughter together, Aimee who was born in 1967; however, their marriage soon turned abusive as Rossiter would beat and rape O’Neill on several occasions and attempt suicide while pregnant with another child during this time period. They eventually separated after six years and finally divorced in 1971.

Joseph Roster: 1972-1974

Jennifer O’Neill and Joseph Roster had a lavish wedding in Acapulco, Mexico attended by celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton in 1972; however, their two year marriage soon came to an end and they divorced two years later in 1974; O’Neill claimed Roster had been unfaithful and emotionally distant during this period.

Nick De Noia: 1975-1976

Jennifer O’Neill married Nick De Noia in 1975, who was then working as choreographer and producer of male strip show Chippendales. Their romance was quick-fire, leading them to elope to Las Vegas before divorcing two years later; O’Neill later accused De Noia of abusiveness; unfortunately De Noia was murdered shortly after by another producer from Chippendales.

Jeff Barry: 1978-1979

Jennifer O’Neill married Jeff Barry, an accomplished songwriter and music producer who worked with such artists as The Monkees, The Archies, and Neil Diamond. Together they recorded an album featuring Barry’s songs before divorcing shortly thereafter – O’Neill later described her ex as being both good friend but not suitable partner for marriage.

John Lederer: 1979-1983

Jennifer O’Neill married John Lederer, a supermarket executive and millionaire, in 1979 and they welcomed Reis into the world two years later. However, their marriage was marred with trouble as O’Neill experienced depression and drug dependency issues; furthermore she had an affair with actor William Katt (co-star from TV series Cover Up) during this time; eventually the couple separated after four years.

Neil L. Bonin: 1984-1986

Jennifer O’Neill married Neil L. Bonin in 1984 – an attorney and businessman based out of New York – but their union proved troublesome, as O’Neill described Bonin as being abusive, manipulative and trying to isolate her from friends and family members. They divorced two years later.

Richard Alan Brown: 1986-1989, 1993-1996

Jennifer O’Neill married Richard Alan Brown twice. Initially they met on a blind date in 1984 and married the following year for three years before divorcing first time after three years of marriage in 1989 due to domestic abuse claims by Brown against O’Neill. Cooper was born during this marriage which ended violently; Brown would often beat and threaten O’Neill. They ultimately parted ways and received their respective divorce papers after three years together.

Reconciling and remarrying, they were hopeful that Brown had changed. Unfortunately, however, their marriage proved disastrous as O’Neill accused Brown of unfaithfulness and abuse; she even claimed he tried to kill both herself and their children. After three years together they finally divorced in 1996 after another failed union.

Mervin Sidney Louque Jr.: 1996-present

Jennifer O’Neill married Mervin Sidney Louque Jr. in 1996. Louque is a former Army officer and engineer who served both Vietnam and Iraq; they met during a Christian retreat where O’Neill spoke and Louque was volunteering; together they have strong faith beliefs as well as a passion for horses – they reside in Nashville Tennessee where they manage a horse farm known as Hope and Healing at Hillenglade ministry.

Jennifer O’Neill experienced an eventful love life, going through eight marriages and divorces before meeting the person who would become her true mate. Along the way she overcame various challenges such as abuse, addiction, suicide attempts, miscarriage and gunshot. Yet through it all she managed to remain strong while using her experience to help others; an inspiration and survivor.

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