Home News Jagame Thanthiram Movie Review: Plot, and Rating in Telugu

Jagame Thanthiram Movie Review: Plot, and Rating in Telugu

Jagame Thanthiram Movie Review
Jagame Thanthiram Movie Review

“Jagame Thandhiram” stands out from its competition by featuring Dhanush – one of India’s highest-rated actors – alongside celebrated filmmaker Karthik Subbaraj.

The trailer alone raised high hopes for this stylish gangster saga set in London amidst an unprecedented buzz created for pre-release by producers YNot and streamer Netflix – but whether or not the movie lives up to expectations remains to be seen.”

Jagame Thanthiram Movie Review
Jagame Thanthiram Movie Review

Surali (Dhanush), an underground gangster in Madurai who commits murder, comes under the protection of James Cosmo’s London gangster Peter (James Cosmo). Impressed with Surali’s brutality, Peter takes him with him to Britain as his trusted aide against Sivadas (Joju George).

Surali becomes Peter’s most loyal supporter while also falling in love with Attila (Aishwarya Lekshmi), an immigrant from Sri Lanka who falls for him – though after reaching his target and receiving his rewards, something unexpected happens that changes everything; whether or not Surali succeeds and gets his girl is left up to him and Attila decides will make up part of the screenplay.

Dhanush singlehandedly elevates an otherwise lackluster and inconsistent genre-bending screenplay with his electrifying performance that once more proves mesmerizing to watch. He begins as an endearing “Petta”-esque gangster in Madurai, instantly endearing with his style and swag, before taking it a step further once he arrives in London where his body language radiates both confidence and sarcasm in equal measures – romance scenes between himself and Aishwarya Lekshmi are particularly enjoyable.

After taking up the immigrant cause, however, he becomes listless due to poor writing. Aishwarya Lekshmi shows tremendous promise as an actress; one key scene shows her showing her anger towards Surali while also unveiling who she really is. Sir James Cosmo from GOT suffers sadly due to its unrealistic characterization and weak writing. Malayalam actor Joju George plays well as the godfather of immigrants while Kalaiarasan holds up well as his right hand man. Sharath Ravi provides some welcome laughs as the sole relief in this film; Karthik Subbaraj has added his father Gajaraj who performs admirably throughout.

What works well about “Jagame Thandiram” is its first half, in which Dhanush’s antics in Madurai and London keep audiences hooked. London is beautifully captured on screen; each locale provides its own treat to watchers; deserving punishment given to racist villain is satisfyingly met; some dialogue comparing white supremacist racism with casteism hits home well too.

The jagame thanthiram cast, featuring Dhanush in a leading role, might have hoped to deliver a multifaceted film that seamlessly blends genres. However, it appears that the movie falls short of expectations. It struggles to find its footing in dark comedy, lacking the punchlines that typically define the genre. As a gangster flick, it doesn’t bring anything novel to the table. The film’s exploration of immigrant issues only skims the surface, failing to resonate with the audience.

The character of Peter, portrayed as a formidable criminal with extensive political ties and his own prison, remains an enigma. Dhanush’s portrayal of manipulating both warring gangs gives the impression of trivializing their conflict, inadvertently leading to laughter among viewers rather than the intended tension.

Santhosh Narayanan’s music is one of the many strengths of ‘Jagame Thandhiram, as it highlights various tonal shifts within the film by adding different genres. Shreyas Krishna’s cinematography ranges between red hues in violent scenes and the more subdued tones of ordinary London in frames. Vivek Harshan gives a smooth cut that complements the rhythm of scenes so he cannot be blamed for any unevenness in pacing.

Y Not Studios Sashikanth have produced this movie on an epic scale, and its production values shine in every frame. Karthik Subbaraj, who gave Rajini fans an unforgettable treat in Petta, set high expectations for this one too; providing mass moments for Dhanush fans to appreciate while meeting general audience expectations for solid writing, innovative staging, and believability all while remaining believability all at the same time.

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