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Ivana Trump ex-wife of Former President Donald Trump has Died.


Ivana Trump, businesswoman, and ex-wife of former president Donald Trump have died. She was 73 years old.

A New York Police Department spokesperson confirmed the death to the USA on Thursday, April 4. Officers responded to a call from 911 Thursday afternoon. Upon arrival, officers found Trump unconscious and not responding. She was declared dead on the spot, and the police have stated that there isn’t any indication that there could be any criminal motives involved. Police say the NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner is looking into the reason for her death.

Ivana Trump the business women has died

Donald Trump shared the death of his ex-wife in a post on Truth Social Thursday. The spokesperson of Trump confirmed the truthfulness of the message to USA TODAY.

“I am extremely saddened to share with everyone who loved her, and of whom there are many who loved her, of the fact that Ivana Trump has passed away at her home in New York City,” Donald Trump wrote. “She was an amazing stunning, beautiful, and remarkable woman, who lived an amazing and inspiring life. Her joy and pride was her three children: Donald Jr., Ivanka and Eric. She was extremely happy for them, and we all were so pleased with her. Rest in Rest In Peace Ivana!”

In a statement made to USA TODAY on Thursday The Trump family described Ivana “an extraordinary lady,” as well as “a powerhouse in business as well as a world-class athlete. an amazing beauty, and a the most loving mother and best friend.”

“Ivana Trump was the only survivor. She fled communism, and became a defender of this country,” the statement continued. “She gave her sons and daughters lessons the power of grit and toughness, empathy and perseverance.

Eric Trump paid tribute to his mother via his Instagram post, posting the same message alongside a family picture. “She will be greatly missed by her mother along with her three children as well as 10 grandchildren,” the caption read.

“It’s the most difficult day and a very sad day” Eric Trump said as leaving his home with his mother close to Central Park, according to The Associated Press.

Ivanka Trump posted childhood photos of her smiling and laughing with her mom, whom was described by her as “brilliant charming, captivating hilarious, passionate and wickedly funny.”

She wrote that she was “heartbroken by the loss of her mother” and added that she “modeled determination, strength, and determination in each move.”

“She lived her life to the fullest, never putting off the chance to dance or laugh,” Ivanka wrote. “I will be missing her for the rest of my life and will cherish her memory in our hearts for the rest of time.

Trump was born Ivana Zelnickova in the Czechoslovak city of Gottwaldov which was formerly Zlin on February. 20th 1950. She was a keen skier in her youth, beginning at age 6. Later, she emigrated to Canada and work in the field of ski instructors prior to beginning a modeling career during the 70s. She relocated in New York in 1976, where she met Donald Trump, then an aspirant real property mogul.

The couple got married in 1977. The family had 3 children. Donald Jr. in 1977, Ivanka in 1981 and Eric in 1984. The couple divorced in 1992. Donald later got married to Marla Maples. They split in 1999. A year later, Donald got married to Slovenian-born model Melania Knauss, who was the former first lady.

Trump became a celebrity for her own sake and was awash with ’80s style and class, complete with her trademark beehive hairstyle. She was later featured in the hit 1996 film “The First Wives Club” with the now famous line “Ladies you must be independent and strong And remember to not become angry, just get every thing.”

The Trumps became lovers in business and love. She was the manager of the one of his Atlantic City and helped to make Trump Tower an image of 1980s glamour (or excess to certain).

She ruled over the architects to have an 60-foot waterfall constructed in the atrium of Trump Tower, and she visited the Italian quarry to select the pink-beige Breccia Pernice marble that famously covers the walls and floors in an autobiography about Donald Trump by Wayne Barrett.

Barbara Res, a former Trump Organization executive who was in charge of the tower’s construction, spoke of Ivana working with the interior designer, and taking an intense fascination with such small details like the uniforms of the doormen. “She took all of that in order to impress Donald to gain the approval of his,” Res told AP. “She was moving between her homes constantly, never she was away from her children. She had an incredible dedication to her work.”

They were both part of the New York scene’s “see-and-be-seen” prior to their similarly public and messy 1992 divorce in 1992. Donald Trump had met his next wife, Marla Maples.

In the course of their split, Ivana Trump accused him of rape, in a sworn statement made in during the 1990s. Later, she said that she did not intend to mean it in a literal sense however, she felt that she was violated.

Trump has been married 4 times before, the most lately in the year 2000 to Italian actor Rossano Rubicondi. They separated in 2009 following one year of marriage, but continued to be seen regularly until the year in which time she told The New York Post the relationship had ended. He passed away last year from cancer aged 49.

Donald Trump would say at times that he was sorry for having Ivana to join him in business, and blamed it for the breakup of their marriage.

“I think that putting my wife in a job is a risky thing,” he told ABC News in the early 1990s. “If you’re running a the business of your own I believe it’s not a good idea to make your wife work with you.” He said saying that once she was transformed into a businessperson “a ease of being lost.

However, Ivana ultimately remained friendly with her former husband who she famously referred to as “The Donald.” She was enthusiastically supportive of the presidential campaign in the 2016 White House run, saying that he’d “make huge adjustments” across America. United States, and told the New York Post that she offered him advice on his presidential campaign.

“We talk prior to and after the appearances and he wants to know what I think,” she explained. She also advised that he “be more relaxed.”

“But Donald cannot be calm,” she added. “He’s extremely vocal. He simply says it the way the truth is.”

Although she was supportive, she sometimes was prone to feathers being ruffled.

In 2017, when she was advertising a book, she admitted to “Good Morning America” she talked to the president in the past about every two weeks. She also was given the president’s direct White House number, but did not want to call him all the time “because Melania is there and I don’t want any jealousy or anything like that because I’m basically the first Trump wife, okay?” she said with a smile. “I’m First Lady, okay?”

The spokesperson for Melania Trump was at the time adamant by saying the statement was “clearly nothing of substance to this assertion from an ex-wife, this is an attempt to attract attention and is self-serving talk.

Ivana Trump had continued her business ventures in the last few years, while promoting an Italian diet for weight loss in 2018.

Her death took place amid a turbulent time that was a difficult week for members of the Trump family. Her two children Donald Jr. and Ivanka as well as the former president are scheduled for a hearing in next days to be questioned by the New York attorney general’s civil investigation into family business policies.