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IT Outsourcing to Romania


IT Outsourcing to Romania: IT outsourcing involves using and hiring external service providers to provide and handle any IT functions in an organization. Outsourcing is very advantageous, business and enterprises get to cut costs in most of their operations, it also ensures that marketing runs smoothly, effectively and faster. With external outsourcing, a business or an enterprise get to enjoy the luxury of external expertise, skills, and assets. Most enterprises find it cheaper to outsource. For instance, when an organization outsources data storage, the third party or the service providers hired will ensure that the data is stored and that it will be secure from hackers and so forth, on the other hand, the institution that is outsourcing will need not to buy or invest in data storage equipment. It should be noted that an organization can outsource to either international or local countries and IT companies.

IT Outsourcing to Romania

However, it is always tough for an institution to find the perfect company or country to outsource their IT functions too. This article will talk about IT outsourcing to Romania and why companies should consider outsourcing to Romania.

Romania is a country with about 22 million citizens and is a member of the European Union since January 2007. With time Romania has grown into a software development hub, thus an option to many business and organizations looking to outsource. Three key things place Romania as an attractive outsourcing location.

  • Skill and availability of the people
  • The financial attractiveness
  • The business environment

There are several other reasons why an institution should consider outsourcing to Romania. Some of the reasons include.

IT Experience and expertise

When looking for where to outsource to it is essential to consider the experience and the expertise. In Romania, for instance, software developers and outsourcing service providers are very much experienced. They are vast with different various software and technologies, either traditional or modern. Examples of software and technology include Java, PHP, and C++. With experience comes confidence, so they can handle both simple and complex IT functions.

It easy to access Romania

Accessing Romania is effortless. There are international airports in every major city in Romania. Also with the entry of Romania to the European Union, traveling has now become very simple. It is because the cost of transportation is low thus making outsourcing services easy and profitable. For instance from London to Romania, it can take up to 2 hours maximum.


Every business keeps a keen eye on cost when outsourcing. Romania does not offer the cheapest outsourcing services, but they offer competitive rates and prices. They also have superior skills and technical proficiency. An organization will acquire outsourcing services at a cost range allowed in their budget. IT workers in Romania earn low salaries compared to other countries, so outsourcing services become very cheap.

Increased number of universities and IT hubs

Romania has an average of 41 technical universities. Year after year they train more than 5000 computer science and engineering students who graduate and knows all about IT. This way it is easy to cultivate diverse IT talents. Also, the technological hubs have grown, good examples of developing IT hubs is Cluj- Napoca, Bucharest, and Timisoara. Bucharest is the center with the most diverse and the largest IT services talent pool. Entrepreneurial initiatives mostly drive the development of IT hubs in Romania.

Good communication skills

With excellent communication skills, it is effortless to communicate with outsourcing services providers in Romania. It is always advisable to hire a company, which you can communicate easily with. From time to time there ought to be communication between the two organizations. Most communication is through emails and video conferencing but also face to face communication. Romania programmers can speak frequent English and have effective communication skills to facilitate proper communication with their clients. IT professional in Romania may also communicate using French, German and even Italian as well.  

They ensure stable and lasting relationships

Outsourcing to Romania remains an option to many organizations because IT companies in Romania value relationships with their clients, they always want stable and long-lasting relationships. Most companies in Romania have a dedicated team of IT professionals who each deal with a specific customer or organization, thus in case of any matter there is a team to cater for you.  

The compatible time zones

Romania’s time zone is consistent with the European countries. The maximum difference between the time zones is 2 hours. With such a flexible time zone it will be easy to for Romanian IT professionals to work during the day with their both local and worldwide clients. Even it is possible to work efficiently with U.S clients during the day since the time difference is only about 2-3 hours.     

Romanian culture

Romanian citizens are generally educated, cosmopolitan and very creative people. Their culture is just like most European countries and even American.  Culture sharing allow IT companies to collaborate with others easily. It eases communication and understanding between different organizations even from different countries.   

Romania has excellent, high-speed internet that covers almost every part of the country, which is ranked fourth. With such a good internet any IT outsourcing process is possible. The countries location, skilled labor, and cost-effectiveness are factors to thank for many organizations decision to outsource to Romania.