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Is Rick and Morty Cancelled


Is rick and morty cancelled : Is ‘Rick and Morty’ on the way out? Dan Harmon is being investigated for an old sketch.

Calls are growing for Rick and Morty, the acclaimed cartoon sitcom on Adult Swim, to be canceled—in all senses of the word—as co-creator Dan Harmon confronts criticism over an old sketch.

is rick and morty cancelled

Harmon is once again under fire over a 2009 video that has just resurfaced online.

The sketch is a parody of Dexter, named Daryl, a serial killer show that many people found offensive because Harmon imitates the rape of a baby doll for laughs.

Harmon issued an apology after the Daryl skit went viral on social media in 2018.

Harmon apologised for the “disgusting” video at the time, according to Deadline.

“I did a ‘pilot’ in 2009 that attempted to imitate the show Dexter but only succeeded in offending,” Harmon stated. “I instantly realised the content was far too offensive and removed the video right away; no one should ever have to watch what you saw, and I genuinely apologise.”

During the ordeal, he also deleted his Twitter account.
The Daryl clip “does not reflect the type of content we seek out,” Adult Swim said.

“At Adult Swim, we seek out and encourage creative freedom and look to push the envelope in many ways, particularly around comedy,” they said in a statement.

“The offensive content of Dan’s 2009 video that recently surfaced demonstrates poor judgement and does not reflect the type of content we seek out. Dan recognised his mistake at the time and has apologised.

According to Uproxx, the Daryl clip has been circulating online recently by a number of accounts focused on child trafficking and sexual abuse using the #savethechildren hashtag, which has been co-opted by some sharing misinformation about conspiracy theories and paedophilia rings, according to Snopes.

Is Rick and Morty going to be cancelled?

It’s highly unlikely at the time of reporting.

Season 4 of the show just finished airing, and Season 5 is supposedly in the works, with Adult Swim releasing a teaser for the current set of episodes.

Before Season 4, the programme was renewed for a whopping 70 new episodes in May 2018, implying that there are still at least four more seasons to go after this one.

Harmon has already received blowback for the video in 2018, so its resurrection is suspect. Perhaps it’s a result of 2020’s cancel culture crescendo, and many people are now discovering and reacting to the footage for the first time.

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