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Instant Teams: Providing Military Spouses All Over The World With Remote And Freelance Opportunities

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Instant teams : To paraphrase Paul Estes of Staffing.com, I write about the freelance revolution as a mindset, but also as the engine of an innovative and dynamic new industry that is redefining the future of work and organisations.

I’m occasionally concerned that I’ve given the false impression, that digital talent marketplaces are the same everywhere they operate. The opposite could not be further from the truth.

The number of digital talent marketplaces may be approaching 1000, according to John Winsor, CEO of Open Assembly and a noted futurist and expert in crowdsourcing.

However, each of these startups, none of which is even twenty years old, is distinct in key ways.

The governing ideas range from communitarian to outright proto-capitalist “you eat what you kill.”

The focus ranges from the thousands of categories of freelancing on the Fiverr platform to a unique focus on architecture at Handiss in Lebanon, scientific personnel at Kolabtree in the United Kingdom, or OBHG, which provides freelance obstetric physicians across the United States.

Platforms differ in terms of how they were created. Founders of startups are a distinct group.

Many people are drawn to solve a problem or unfairness that bothers them until they figure out how to scratch that itch by starting a business that provides a viable answer.

It was for this reason that Erica McMannes and Liza Rodewald founded Instant Teams.

Instant Teams provides an economic lifeline, exciting employment, fair compensation, and a community of colleagues to a demographic of talented individuals — wives of active duty servicemembers.

McMannes and Rodewald seen firsthand the unrealized potential of military spouses.

They saw an innovative method to satisfy a demand for corporates and startups while also improving the career opportunities and financial resources of military wives and other military-connected individuals as military spouses and other military-connected individuals.

“Military spouses are typically highly talented and experienced professionals who find themselves in a new nation with limited employment prospects and the need for flexible employment that recognises the fact that military families frequently move,” according to McMannes.

These wives were educated, eager, and ready to assist, according to McMannes and Rodewald.

Military wives are highly educated, as McMannes pointed out in a recent interview, with over 40% having a university degree and over 75% having some university education.

Military spouses had jobless rates of 26% before COVID 19 challenged global employment, despite their educational achievements.

The perception that military wives are likely to move frequently and hence are unreliable as long-term full-time employees is a specific difficulty.

Furthermore, when military spouses do find work, it is frequently below their qualifications and expertise.

Many people struggle to find job that matches their desire for a challenging career. According to the Stars and Stripes,

“According to a national research on military spouse employment, 90 percent of female spouses say they are underemployed or overqualified for the jobs they hold.

According to the survey, military spouses earn 38 percent less than civilian spouses and are 30 percent more likely to be unemployed.

Ninety percent of college graduates in the United States say they are underemployed, compared to 34% of all college graduates in the United States.

“Military spouses with years of professional expertise, who have contracted million-dollar projects, and acquired and sold businesses can only find job stocking shelves,” according to the Instant Teams website.

Because of the potential of transferring firms and occupations as a result of frequent relocation, it’s difficult to grow in a profession if you have to start over every couple of years.

Furthermore, depending on where troops are stationed, there may be a limited number of companies or possibilities to choose from, making it difficult for them to locate roles that are suitable for their skill sets.

Both of these variables play a role in the high unemployment rate.”

Fortunately, the rise of the freelancing revolution and the transition to remote work has allowed firms like Instant Teams to be a force in finding employment for spouses: their team of military spouses servicing clients is a mix of full-time and freelance employees.

Instant Teams was created with the goal of assisting military wives and family members in finding meaningful employment they can accomplish from home, whether it be outside of Washington, D.C., or at a base in Germany or Guam.

In fact, Instant Teams was born out of the reality that career military spouses move frequently, frequently landing in huge sites in distant areas with little opportunities.

Instant Teams provides a vital employment lifeline for these spouses.

Working with military spouses has three major advantages, according to McMannes and Rodewald.

Qualifications. Military spouses hold university degrees at a rate of 40%, compared to only 29.7% of the civilian population.

A further 34.4 percent of military spouses have completed some form of higher education.

Adaptability. Military spouses have learned to be adaptable and flexible. Military spouses are able to adjust to different surroundings, cultures, people, and organisations because they relocate every few years.

Interest and availability. Military spouses are drawn to contract and project work, especially when it can be done from home.

Beyond the ability to produce high-quality work, military spouses already enjoy numerous advantages as members of the military community, making them more open to freelance and full-time opportunities with Instant Teams.

Writers, tech and customer support personnel, social media managers, and digital strategists are currently in high demand.

They also put together fully functional “plug and play” teams in three areas: administrative support, marketing and public relations, and customer success.

Instant Teams frequently provide military spouses with professional skills and experiences that are unique to military service, such as crisis management, cyber security, and incident response and analysis.

Instant Teams is still a startup, but it has enormous aspirations and has made a lot of money for such a young firm.

Prior to the COVID 19 outbreak, Erica and Liza estimated that 300 military spouses would work full-time or on a regular basis on their platform, with a goal of earning enough money to employ 3000 people.

Instant Teams appears to me to be a company that makes money by doing good.

It’s the kind of startup I support: one that thrives in difficult times while delivering a service to military families who selflessly and valiantly serve the rest of us.

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