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Is Ines From Mafs In a Relationship? Know Where is She Now?


Ines From Mafs : After her stint on Married at First Sight Australia, Ines Basic moved into a beautiful apartment in Sydney. However, two years after the show first broadcast in Australia, Ines has moved on from the drama and is living her best life in Sydney.

Here in this article we give you all the information about Ines Basic and her show ‘Married At First Sight’. Her fans are curious to know about her show. What it is about? Lets read. Follow chopnews to get more updates

What happened to Ines From ‘Married At First Sight’?

Ines, who has alienated many viewers, shot the show in 2018, but it is only now being broadcast on British television.

She has worked with prominent cosmetic firms and been flown to Los Angeles for product launches since leaving the programme and has become a full-time Instagram influencer in Australia.

Ines alleges she was “suicidal” after participating on MAFS.

You may find her on Twitter at @innnnnes.

What did she say about plastic surgery?

Ines has been open about having a number of cosmetic procedures, including fillers and veneers, totaling £25,000 since leaving the programme.

“I have Botox in my masseter muscles, which is why my face now looks a lot different,” she told The Sun of her substantially thinner face.

The actress also hinted that she was getting a nose job, telling her Instagram followers that seeing herself on TV was “another reminder” of her plans.

“A probable surgery approaching,” she teased fans. Dare I suggest, you’ll notice it when you see me on TV in the new year.”

What did Ines say about her appearance on Married At First Sight?

As previously stated, Ines stated that the show made her want to commit suicide.

Producers, she alleged, removed the scene in which Bronson Norrish, with whom she was dating, said he was “for open relationships.”

“I tried suicide during filming, therefore I acquired PTSD from it,” she told the Mail. It absolutely f***ed me up, and I had to keep filming while thinking to myself, “Oh my God.”

Her buddy died, her father and mother divorced, and she came under fire for surreptitiously hooking up with Sam Ball in a ‘affair’ that he claims was fully staged, according to the actress.

“I lost all of my body weight,” she continued. Because I was so frail, I had to be carried from scene to scene.

How can I watch Married At First Sight on TV?

E4 broadcasts Married At First Sight Australia on weekdays.

It airs Monday through Friday at 7.30 p.m.

On All 4, you may now watch previous episodes.

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