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Hurricane Larry is Heading For the Caribbean


Hurricane Larry is headed for the Caribbean. Forecasts predict that Hurricane Larry will hit parts of the Greater Antilles and the Bahamas.

Predictions to fall

Larry is quite a hurricane. It originated in the eastern tropical Atlantic. It stirred up water from the central Atlantic ocean on Tuesday afternoon. It now heads west. Larry, however, will weaken before it reaches Bermuda.

Increasing wind shear will be the culprit. Cooler waters will be another challenge. Despite these factors, Larry is expected to stay on a large scale. This storm is expected to produce large swells, rip currents, and severe flooding in the northeastern United States and parts of The Bahamas. This will be life-threatening for residents.

In addition, a subtropical high pressure system will steer Larry to the north. The satellite will be moving towards Bermuda by Thursday. Larry, although there aren’t immediate threats to the land, will be still powerful.

Bermuda was declared a Tropical Storm Watch. It is predicted that Hurricane Larry will become a category 3 hurricane on Thursday or Friday. It will then become a Category 4 storm over the weekend. When this happens, Larry will cause life-threatening rip currents along the coast of the United States and the Lesser Antilles.

Weather forecast to affect the Lesser Antilles, parts of Greater Antilles and the Bahamas

Hurricane Larry is still moving northwest over the Atlantic Ocean. Large swells are expected as the hurricane moves northwest over the Atlantic Ocean. They will impact parts of Lesser Antilles, and Bahamas. These swells are also expected to affect the east coast United States.

Larry’s centre is located approximately 715 miles northeast from the northern Leeward Islands. It can sustain maximum winds up to 120 mph. It is still considered to be a major hurricane. Although the storm is strong, it’s not likely to reach the U.S. Larry’s significant swells are expected to make landfall on the east coast this week.

Bermuda has been placed under a tropical storm watch. Expect strong sea swells to hit Bermuda by Thursday. High seas could reach 45 feet. This large wave could lead to coastal flooding problems along the East Coast as well as the Mid Atlantic.

The island of Bermuda is expected to be hit by tropical storm conditions late Wednesday night. The weekend is forecast to be stormy.

American Impact

A hurricane can have a significant impact on economic activity in the United States. These can lead to delivery delays and product shortages.

Additionally, hurricanes can cause destruction to warehouses and transportation infrastructure. These hurricanes can cause shifts in supply and demand by affecting the stocks of some commodities.

Houston is the United States’ largest transportation hub. The city is also home to one of the largest national manufacturing centres and chemical plants. Houston saw a drop in freight loads after Harvey.

Major disruptions to fuel supply can be caused by hurricanes. Since Hurricane Harvey, the cost of gasoline rose by 15%. This trend is expected to continue. It can also mean an increase in costs of transporting goods, depending on where the hurricane hits.

The transportation industry is implementing climate mitigation strategies. Transportation is the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions within the United States.