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How to Get if you have Unclaimed Money in Ohio?


An internet portal has been created to assist persons in Ohio who may owe money to them in locating it.

The Division of Unclaimed Funds of the Ohio Department of Commerce contains more than $3 billion in unclaimed money and property. You can file a claim if some of it is yours.

Find Unclaimed money in Ohio

To begin, go to MissingMoney.com. To see if you have any unclaimed funds, type your name into the search engine.

If an account matches your details, you can fill out a claim form and upload documents directly to the portal.

“They may either scan the documents with a scanner at home and upload them, or they can do the same thing with their phone,” said Akil Hardy, the Division of Unclaimed Funds’ superintendent. “All you have to do now is photograph the document and upload it.”

According to the state, most formats are acceptable as long as the images are clear.

“The more efficient our systems are, the more claims we will be able to process,” Hardy explained. “That’s why this new alternative is so appealing.

We can process Ohioans’ claims faster, which is always the goal, and it will improve our claimants’ customer experience by removing an extra layer of paper and mail.”

You can track the progress of your claim using your claim number once it has been submitted.

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