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How to appear in the Lord’s honours boards


How to appear in the Lord’s honours boards: Nobody can doubt that Lord’s is one of the most traditional cricket venues in the world. Some incredible matches have been played and continue to be disputed in this stadium. All those events can be wagered on the https://in.1xbet.com website.

There are many features about this stadium. However, in addition to the stadium itself and its field, there are also the Lord’s honours boards. For those who might not know, they are boards located in the Pavilion of the stadium. It has the name of hundreds of different cricket players that have achieved different feats. In order to be featured on the boards, one of the following things must be done:

  • take five wickets in a single inning;
  • take ten wickets in an entire match in Test or One-Day International matches;
  • and also, by scoring a century.

Obviously, all of those feats must be achieved by playing at Lord’s. Followers of the sport can also wager on those occurrences by visiting the 1xBet website.

Recent changes

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To appear on the Lord’s honors boards is one of the biggest achievements that any cricket player can dream of. Since the Lord’s is one of the most traditional cricket venues in England, up to 2019 it only accepted feats obtained in Test matches. Right now, betting on cricket is possible with 1xBet, which offers all events played in this venue.

However, in that year, and due to the increasing popularity of One-Day International variations of the game, it was decided to also start recognizing feats obtained in ODI contests. This meant that lots of new players could have the chance of appearing on the boards. Not only that, but for the first time ever, female players could also have the chance to be featured. Currently, with 1xBet is possible to make cricket betting on multiple matches, where fans can wager on different outcomes. 

The neutral board

The traditional Lord’s honours boards commemorate English and non-English players. However, in order to be featured on them, said players should have obtained their achievements in matches where England played. The 1xBet iOS application can be downloaded for free, and punters can use it to wager on all the matches of the English national squad.

However, in 2010, Pakistan and Australia organized a Test match at Lord’s. It was a very rare case where England was not present in a match played in the venue. For this reason, a so-called “neutral” board was installed. Its purpose was to also commemorate those who obtained the same achievements as before, but in matches where the English team didn’t play. The 1xBet application for iOS gadgets can be used for betting on the achievements that allow cricketers to appear on the Lord’s honours boards.