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Unlocking Caillou’s Mystery: How Tall is Caillou? Discover Surprising Truths Here!”

How Tall is Caillou

Caillou is a beloved children’s television character beloved for his bald head, bright clothing, and happy attitude. Created by Canadian author Christine L’Heureux and illustrator Helene Desputeaux over three decades, Caillou has been captivating viewers around the world with his physical appearance. One common question viewers ask about Caillou is “how tall is Caillou?” Unfortunately, there are no official measurements listed for him – leaving speculation and interpretation to take place.

How Tall is Caillou
How Tall is Caillou

The series Caillou, whose name means “pebble,” follows four-year-old Caillou as he navigates life’s changes as a four-year-old boy with an older sister. While seemingly harmless, many parents and others have condemned the show due to Caillou’s temper tantrums and attitude; criticizing how it teaches kids bad manners.

This backlash still resonates today as evidenced by Reddit communities where users express their dislike of Caillou as the main character. Finally, PBS announced in 2021 that they would no longer air the series – much joyous when PBS finally announced in 2021 that they would no longer air it!

Caillou is one of the most beloved characters in television history, whether you like him or not. Even discussions that don’t go as well for him often turn into lighthearted banter around how tall Caillou actually is! Naturally, people wanted answers – and what they discovered may surprise you!

How Tall is Caillou?

It all began when a Twitter user decided to check Caillou’s height on Google. What they discovered was astonishing: at four years old, Caillou stands at an amazing 5 feet 11 inches! That translates to 180 centimeters in metric units.

It wasn’t hard for people to become stirred up when Caillou, at four years old, suddenly stood that tall. Fans and critics alike joked around about Caillou becoming an excellent basketball player one day and pondered how incongruous the show’s theme song is with its lyrics “Each day I grow some more”, to which Doris replied with pride “you’re getting to be a big boy!” Indeed, Doris may be right; Caillou already is quite tall!

Unfortunately for fans who enjoyed the idea of Caillou as an enormous toddler, his height remains unofficial. Neither the show’s producers or writers have confirmed it; indeed, Google searches no longer even show this supposed 5 feet 11 in height anymore; instead, results display news articles and forum discussions surrounding his equally controversial height.

Height comparisons among children’s television characters have become a staple online. Peppa Pig was no exception, with people around the world eagerly speculating on her height.

Caillou’s Family Is Comprised of Giants

While much was made about Caillou’s height, few seemed to take note of his siblings. Aside from one or two Reddit posts claiming Caillou’s parents are rough twice his height (12 ft 9 in or 396 cm), there doesn’t appear to be much attention paid to Boris and Doris either.

Let’s assume Caillou is indeed 5 feet 11 inches tall. If this is true, his parents would be so tall that the entire family (including Caillou’s younger sister Rosie) would be considered giants!

Why Is Caillou Bald Anyway?

Let us not forget another of Caillou’s more iconic features: his hair.

Caillou is four years old but his head remains hairless. Fans and critics have speculated for years as to why this design choice was made; one Reddit user suggested Caillou may have terminal cancer, which could explain why his family largely accepts his behavior.

However, it turns out the answer to Caillou’s mystery is quite mundane. According to the publisher’s official website, Caillou was originally created as an infant with little-to-no hair; when books were adapted into cartoons, it was decided that Caillou should remain slightly older because adding hair would make him unrecognizable; thus his distinctive bald appearance remains.

Why did Caillou have to grow up? It was so that his target audience of children five and below could better relate to him.

What Have We Learned Today?

Today, we learned the height of Caillou (or at least what fans believe he to be). Fans also got to see that everyone’s beloved (or least favorite?) mischievous child may not actually be superhuman at all; his claimed height also fits his show’s theme song perfectly! Moreover, we discovered an odd internet obsession with characters from children’s TV shows when it comes to character heights.

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