When you need to unlock your door, the idea of finding 24-hour locksmith services near your area beforehand doesn’t seem that redundant anymore. Your keys may break or get lock any minute, you may leave them at home or give them to a friend who’s not at home when you need it. There are loads of reasons why you may need professional locksmith services asap.

One of the most important things here is to find a reliable master to complete the job. The best locksmith CT,, is ready to send its experts to your home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Now, on to the quotes. How much it will cost to get your door lock open by a key master?

How Much Does It Cost Me to Have a Locksmith Unlock My Door?

Here are some estimates as to the cost:

  • Door unlocking – $100-$200;
  • Lock change – around $75/hr;
  • Trip fee – $50-$100 or up to $150 if it’s an emergency;
  • Rekey lock – $20-$50.

The prices may change depending on the city, your location in it, etc.

When looking for a locksmith near me, make sure to check prices per hour. They might range between $50-$125. Also, keep in mind that you can always change the company after a dissatisfying visit.

If you see Sure Lock&Key when looking for a TOP master today, be sure to give them a go if you live in CT. They are the nearest local business with a rich legacy, always around for you.

Safety Concerns When Looking for a Locksmith in Connecticut

Providing any expert with access to your garage, motorcycle, door, locks, and keys, it’s only fair if all that is safe in the hands of a professional. However, some people have security concerns like:

  • A locksmith making a spare key for themselves;
  • Charging for extra materials or faulty work;
  • Sharing customer’s personal data and info about their vehicle, lock type, and key, etc.

Remember that a professional locksmith’s goal is only helping you resolve problems connected to your car/house door lock and keys. A scammer can be detected and you should know how to do it:

  1. Check their website and phone numbers on review platforms;
  2. Ask the closest neighbors, friends, and family if they know anything peculiar about the company;
  3. Call them and go to their shop;
  4. Ask for legal confirmation of their registration (ER number, etc) if possible;
  5. Check their hourly quotes and compare them to the other companies to see if they match a certain price pattern.

Sure Lock&Key, for instance, is known for its experienced, smart workers, reasonable prices, quick action in urgent situations, and high-quality service. They work 24hrs to provide you with everything safety-wise: expert assistance, convenient location near you, convenient working hrs. They won’t close until their key and lock maker reaches your home and offers high-quality services for an affordable price.


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