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How Many Top Gun Movies Are There? The Ultimate Guide to the Iconic Franchise


How Many Top Gun Movies Are There? The Ultimate Guide to the Iconic Franchise: If you enjoy action movies with thrilling aerial stunts, then you have probably watched or heard about the Top Gun series of films starring Tom Cruise as Pete Mitchell/Maverick who joins an exclusive flight school and faces various trials and adventures.

But which is the optimal order in which to watch them? and How Many Top Gun Movies Are There?, In this article, we provide answers and provide a complete overview of them all.

The Top Gun Movies in Chronological Order / Release Order

Top Gun Movies
Top Gun Movies

There are currently two Top Gun movies starring Tom Cruise as Maverick; one released in 1986 and another thirty-six years later in 2022. Below is the chronological order of these movies:

1. Top Gun (1986)

This film introduced us to Maverick, a reckless but talented naval pilot accepted into the Top Gun flight school. While at school he competes against Iceman (Val Kilmer), an intimidating rival, and falls for Charlie (Kelly McGillis), an astrophysics instructor.

In order to survive at school Maverick must also overcome personal demons that plague him as well as grieving for Goose (Anthony Edwards), his best friend and co-pilot.

2. Top Gun: Maverick (2022)

After 36 years since its first installment was released, Maverick finally returned in this movie sequel. While still an active naval pilot, he has made little advancement and remains haunted by his past and refuses to retire or accept higher ranks.

Instead he has been assigned the task of training up a new crop of Top Gun graduates such as Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), son of late top gun pilot Goose.

Maverick must contend with Iceman who now holds an admiral rank, and deal with an unknown threat which threatens naval aviation’s future.

Since movies follow a linear timeline, there’s no difference between watching them chronologically or release order; however, some fans might prefer watching them chronologically to appreciate the progress in filmmaking techniques, visual effects and actor performances over time.

FAQs: How Many Top Gun Movies Are There

Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Top Gun movies which you may find intriguing:

Q. Who directed the Top Gun movies?

A. Tony Scott directed the first film and Joseph Kosinski directed both, who are well known action directors with other movies such as Crimson Tide and Enemy of the State under their belts. In turn, Scott co-wrote Oblivion.

Q. Are the Top Gun movies based on real events?

A. The Top Gun movies do not depict true-life events but were rather inspired by an actual program known as TOPGUN (United States Navy Fighter Weapons School), which trains naval pilots in advanced combat tactics and techniques.

Established in 1969 at Naval Air Station Miramar in California – also where its first filming took place.

Q. Will there be another Top Gun movie?

A. No official statement or confirmation exists about a third Top Gun movie; however, there have been rumors and speculations suggesting it might occur.

Tom Cruise expressed interest in making another sequel and Joseph Kosinski has hinted at possible plot points for another installment; however nothing is certain at this time and much depends on the success and reception of its sequel.

Q. What are some of the songs from Top Gun movies?

A. The Top Gun movies feature several iconic songs that have become part of pop culture, such as:

  • “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins: This song plays during the opening credits and aerial scenes of both movies, as well as being featured in their trailers.
  • “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin: This song plays during romantic scenes between Maverick and Charlie in the original movie and was awarded an Academy Award in 1987 as Best Original Song.
  • “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin” by The Righteous Brothers: This song can be heard during Maverick and Goose serenading Charlie at a bar in the first movie; in addition, Maverick sings it again during Jennifer Connelly’s character’s scene from the second movie.
  • “Playing With The Boys” by Kenny Loggins: This song appears during a scene where Maverick and his friends play volleyball in the original movie.
  • Cheap Trick’s song, “Mighty Wings”, plays during the final battle scene in the first movie.
  • “Top Gun Anthem”, composed by Harold Faltermeyer and Steve Stevens: This instrumental tune can be heard during both movies’ end credits as well as during some aerial scenes in both.


The Top Gun movies are some of the most beloved action flicks ever released. Showcasing naval aviation’s exhilarating and perilous world as well as Maverick, its charismatic but rebellious pilot, they chronicle his personal and professional struggles both as an individual and pilot in general.

Since 1986 and 2022 respectively (the latter released later) there have been two Top Gun movies with Tom Cruise as Maverick; you can watch either in chronological or release order.

We hope that you found this article both educational and helpful, whether or not you are familiar with Top Gun movies.

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