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How Fast do Fat Tire Electric Bikes Go


That is a great question. Do they move faster or slower than a regular tired electric bike? Fat tire electric bikes cover terrain and different types of terrain. Let’s see if fat tires make a difference in speed.

Do Tires Make a Difference in Speed

Theoretically, a slimmer tire will roll faster and move faster than a fat tire. This is because there is less rubber and less weight. Is this true, though? A fat tire is more extensive and heavier, so the science theory says that more material and more weight means slower speed. Let’s ask whether the motor size makes a difference regardless of tire size.

If I had to answer this question based on the science of more material equals more weight means slower speed, I would say that a fat tire electric bike would move slower. Answering this question based on the fact it would be powered by electricity, I would say that tire size doesn’t matter in the speed of an electric bike. However, we all know this is a tricky question, and the motor’s power will outweigh the tire’s size. 

How Fast Does a Fat Tire Electric Bike Go

The speed of your fat tire electric bike will depend on many factors. Some of those factors will be the bike’s overall weight, including the person, the size of the motor, and the motor style, just to name a few. To save the sake of an argument, it’s safe to say that the top speeds of the best fat tire electric bikes have been recorded as fast as 32 mph, tapering down to a controlled 20 mph. 

In the US, electric bikes max out at 20 to 25 miles per hour. In other countries, they are not capped for a max speed. That said, regular tires on an electric bike do not make a difference. They can reach the same rates and still be capped at a max speed depending on the country. So to safely answer the question of how fast a fat tire electric bike goes, it can travel up to 32 mph under normal operating conditions. 

The Wrap Up

We will wrap it up like a tire with an answer to our question. This is not necessarily a scientific answer, but it’s a logical answer. A fat tire electric bike can go up to 32 mph in countries outside the US. In the US, a fat tire electric bike or any electric tire bike is governed for a max speed of 20 mph. 

Our 2nd question was, does tire size affect speed? In most cases, it would affect speed. Electric bikes will maintain an average speed based on the motor and feature of the bike and not necessarily tire type. They will compensate in the engine to make up for the tire. 

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