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How Did Schavaria Reeves Died?


On the fourth episode of Season Five of NBC’s medical show “New Amsterdam,” Dr. Max Goodwin attempts to motivate his doctors into action by giving them an entire week off from work to take care of personal matters.

Lauren Bloom, Floyd Reynolds and Ignatius “Iggy” Frome learn that their health is declining while Elizabeth Wilder undergoes major surgery on her hand.

Additionally, viewers discovered that lump on Max’s neck caused him to worry that he might have cancer.

Many were drawn to this episode due to its focus on Schavaria Reeves; it served to honor her memory while asking who is he and how did he pass away?

What was Schavaria Reeves’ title?

Schavaria Reeves was a technician on “New Amsterdam,” working as a sound mixer. She appeared in twenty episodes starting with “Extra Pleasure,” until its finale, “I’ll Be Your Shelter.”

Before joining CBS, Reeves created music movies and later worked as an increase operator on seventeen episodes of “Chappelle’s Present” and twenty-one episodes of “Regulation & Order: Felony Intent.”

Reeves also contributed to the sound departments of “Intercourse and the Metropolis,” “American Gangster,” “The Darjeeling Restricted” and other films throughout his career.

He began his career as a sound mixer for the TV show “Regulation & Order: Particular Victims Unit,” joining its crew for 29 episodes.

Reeves was a sound mixer for numerous shows such as “Vinyl,” “Gypsy,” “Quantico,” “Shades of Blue,” “The Code,” “Little America” and more.

Additionally, he worked as second unit sound mixer on hit motion pictures like “John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum” and “John Wick: Chapter 2,” among many others.

How Did Schavaria Reeves Pass Away?

Schavaria Reeves passed away on September 24, 2022 after eight years of battling prostate cancer.

A funeral was held at Vander Could Wayne Colonial Funeral Residence in New Jersey on October 1st of that same year at Vander Could Wayne Colonial Funeral Residence and he will be remembered by his brother Ernest Reeves, wife Martha Melendez (who he met through a mutual friend), two children, as well as many nieces and nephews.

Before his passing in September, Reeves had battled valiantly against prostate cancer.

“Schavaria has done everything she could to fight this battle,” one of her relatives wrote on GoFundMe after they organized an internet fundraiser to pay for medical expenses and support the family – raising $57,594.

Unfortunately, though, treatment wasn’t enough to save him; unfortunately, his illness spread too far into other parts of his body.

“On Saturday, October 1, 2022, we bid Schavaria Reeves farewell. He was our beloved husband, father, brother and friend – and we know that someday Jesus will bring them back together again,” his family wrote on a GoFundMe page where they paid for his funeral expenses.

We offer our deepest condolences to the Reeves family during this difficult time.

What’s Schavaria Reeves’ name? That is a question many viewers of NBC’s popular medical drama New Amsterdam are curious to know after its final episode concluded with an intriguing tribute that left viewers puzzled.

On Tuesday, October 11th of NBC’s medical drama, the fourth episode of season 5 ended with a title card honoring Schavaria Reeves.

This was done to pay respects to an NBC staff member who had passed away, and viewers are eager to know what Reeves’ position on the show is.

What role did Reeves play on NBC’s popular medical drama, New Amsterdam?

If the name Schavaria Reeves sounds unfamiliar to you, that’s likely because she didn’t appear in any episodes of New Amsterdam.

Instead, he was part of an incredible staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring us this beloved show we all enjoy so much.

Reeves served as sound mixer on the show during its fourth season, beginning with “Extra Pleasure,” the opening episode.

He continued working on additional episodes throughout the year until finally finishing up with “I’ll Be Your Shelter,” the season 4 finale.

According to Reeves’ IMDb page, he has contributed sound mixing to 20 episodes throughout this time period.

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Reeves passed away in September after fighting prostate cancer for eight years.

According to an obituary on the Alumni and Mates of LaGuardia Excessive School website, he is survived by his beloved spouse Martha Melendez, their two children Sky and her husband Alex Burton, his brother Ernest Reeves, as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Reeves was also involved with New Amsterdam on a number of projects, such as Inventing Anna, Energy Guide II: Ghost, Ray Donovan in Quantico, Regulation and Order: SVU in The Day After Tomorrow, Oblivion in Inside Man.

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