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How Did Fredericka Giles Die?


Recently, news broke on the internet that Cam’ron’s mother Fredericka Giles passed away. Cameron Ezike Giles is a renowned American rapper, actor and record executive.

This news quickly went viral across social media platforms as mourning ensued for Cam’ron’s family members, friends and well-wishers.

To understand more about Fredericka Giles’ cause of death we have more information – which we will share with you in this article. Please read through it all to gain all the details.

Who was Fredericka Giles?

Rapper Cam’ron is a well-known rapper whose real name is Cameron Ezike Giles; however, he prefers to go by his stage name Cam’ron.

He is an actor and music executive, as well as being known by his stage name Cam’ron. Recently he announced the death of his mother in a heartbreaking tribute video.

Her health issues had been diagnosed around her birthday on 4 February 2023 – thus prompting many people to send their condolences and pay respects to Fredericka Giles from all around the world.

According to reports, Musician Cam’Ron just announced the tragic passing of his beloved mother Fredericka Giles.

As reported, she passed away reportedly on 9 February 2023 on Thursday at 67 years old.

How Did Fredericka Giles Pass Away?

Since this news has surfaced online, many are eager to know the cause of death but unfortunately none has yet been disclosed.

If you would like more details on this tragic development, please read through this full article.

The Harlem rapper shared an emotional tribute: I am deeply saddened to announce the passing of my mother.

At first I didn’t want anyone else to know because I’m in so much pain, but as time has passed and more details have become available online, it has become apparent how much you all meant to her over these past ten years.

As more reactions ensue on social media channels and websites alike, please read the full article for further insight and understanding.

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