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Home Depot White Privilege Twitter and Reddit


White Privilege at Home Depot Twitter and Reddit are two of the most popular social media platforms. Explained: According to a recent report, a Home Depot shop in Calgary has caused a stir on social media sites, particularly Twitter, after allegedly posting a sign about privilege in its staff lunchroom.

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The document’s title, “Unpacking Privilege,” describes what power is and the various sorts of freedom that people can have.

The placard also included a list of privileges that people can have, including white, male, Christian, class, able-bodied, cisgender, and heteros*xual.

It also delves deeper into racism, including how to talk about white privilege and why people are hesitant to do so.

White Privilege at Home Depot on Twitter

“From a pal who works at Home Depot, this is the kind of junk on display in the lunchroom,” a disgruntled Twitter user said. In response to images of the paper, Twitter users had a lot to say, with some calling the retailer’s decision “woke.”

“Stop giving these massive, “woke” corporations your time and money,” one person said. Pay in cash at a local hardware store, bank, restaurant, butcher, or farmer.

Home Depot is a store that sells a Privilege of the White Race Twitter Reddit Explanation


Controversial Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychologist, also got engaged. It was also reposted by @libsoftiktok on Twitter, where it received over 20,000 likes. Some people took issue with the checklist, seeing it as “encouraging” racism and se*ism.

“It is putting it in the heads of the people that if they are of a specific race, se*uality, or other categories that Home Depot describes as “privileged,” they must feel bad about themselves,” they said.

However, several other Twitter users quickly pointed out why such contracts are “helpful” for employees and companies. “I worked briefly at a big box store, and anything like this would have been useful, especially for some management,” one person said.

Wow, strange how these facts knock you straight out of your comfort zone,” another person wrote. It’s intriguing to read and thought-provoking for me. Unfortunately, the prospect of learning anything unconventional to your views can elicit such terrible reactions and feelings.

One user also highlighted one of the sign’s main aspects: empathy for other people’s situations. “You can still buy a hammer and learn to value other viewpoints.” The paper was “a resource in our Canadian business and not the party of any needed programming,” Home Depot said to the Associated Process.

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