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Greedfall Classes : Guide To Character Creation


Greedfall Classes: Haracter development is based on Skills, Attributes, and Talents. It’s an open-ended approach; any combination of the three criteria can be used to create a character. During character creation, you select a class, which comes with three starting Skills and Attribute and Talent suggestions.

Greedfall Classes : Guide To Character Creation

Greedfall Classes

The sort of weaponry you prefer determines your class choice. However, the suggested Attributes and Talents may not be what you want when you first start the game. Here’s a tutorial to assist you.


The skill tree is the same for all three character classes (Warrior, Technical, and Magic). The tree comprises six routes, as illustrated in the table, that correspond to the basic weapon skills that characterise each class.

To perform spells, you’ll need rings. Without the use of a ring, the spell Stasis freezes opponents.

The nodes for the weapon skills that define the class are activated when you choose a class. After that, every level grants you one skill point. The majority of the nodes on the tree cost one point and improve a skill’s power. New skill-granting nodes cost two or three points.

If you wish to add another weapon to your arsenal, keep this in mind. If you’re a Warrior or Technical who wishes to learn magic, you’ll have to wait until you’re at least level three.


GreedFall includes six qualities that boost basic stats while also giving you access to the best weapons and gear.

Increases Access to best
Strength Melee attack power Blunt weapons
Endurance Life and balance Armor
Agility Melee damage and Fury generation Swords
Accuracy Firearm and potion power Firearms
Mental power Spells Rings
Willpower Magic points and spell duration Amulets and necklaces

Balance minimises the probability of being knocked down and is required to go via the world’s hidden routes. Fury is gained via combat and used to launch strong attacks.

When you first start the game, you gain one Attribute point, and every three levels after that, you get an additional point. Each attribute can be improved a total of four times.

Before giving your Attribute points, it’s a good idea to plan ahead. Please keep in mind that the recommended Attributes for each class may not be appropriate for the way you intend to play your character.

Strength and Endurance, for example, are recommended attributes for Warriors, which is good if you want the best armour and blunt weapons. If you want the best swords, though, you should put more points into Agility than Strength.

Endurance also grants you more health, better access to hidden passageways, and the greatest armour. This combo is beneficial to all classes, but Warriors are the only ones who should employ it.


Basic abilities are improved, and new ones are unlocked, thanks to talents. Because you only gain one Talent point per four levels, they have a significant impact on how your character plays. They also need the most planning. Each Talent has a three-level upgrade system.

Unlocks Improvements
  • Reduces merchant prices
  • Improves combat for companions
  • Increases success for some dialogue choices
  • Potion and ammo crafting
  • Ability to destroy weak walls with explosives
  • Craft weapon and armor upgrades
  • Recycle equipment without a crafting table
  • Craft master-level upgrades
  • Opens up pathways that require balance
  • HP and MP regenerate when not in combat
Lockpicking Lockpicking Enemies are easier to see
Intuition Opens up new contextual dialogue options
  • Resource gathering sites are easier to see
  • Increases loot

During the construction of your character, you have one Talent point to spend. It’s possible that the Talent best suited to your playstyle, rather than the one advised for your class, is the better choice.

GreedFall, for example, is a dialogue-heavy game with a strong diplomatic focus. If you want to have all of the dialogue options available to you, Intuition is a good choice.

Lockpicking is also a solid initial choice if you’re driven insane by locked chests you can’t open, regardless of which Talents are advised for your class. Waiting four levels for a Talent you wish you had right now can be a long time.

GreedFall allows you to create practically any type of character you want, but getting the right combination of Skills, Attributes, and Talents at the right time needs careful planning. It’s an effective system that harkens back to a more traditional approach to character development. It’s great to see it back.

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