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How To Beat God of War’s Terrifying Endgame Boss, The Valkyrie Queen

God Of War Valkyrie Queen : In what will be the last of my God of War endgame guides, because I hate the Muspelheim fire realm challenges, I’m going to try to make a pretty exhaustive guide on how to beat the ultimate endgame boss, the Valkyrie Queen, which caused me to age roughly 15 years over the course of the fight after frequent losses.

Spoilers follow, I suppose, though not any having to do with story (other than one weapon you get), just mechanics related to the Valkyries and this Queen boss fight.

I’m sure people will tell me that saying the boss exists at all is some kind of spoiler, but I’m trying, man.

So, what goes into this fight? There’s preparation, and then the actual fight mechanics itself. We’ll start with the former.

For reference, all of this advice is based on my run in normal difficulty, though I don’t think her mechanics will change in other difficulties, just her damage.


To unlock the Valkyrie Queen, you have to beat all other eight Valkyries across the realms, including the one in the Niflheim mist maze, and the one at the end of the first set of Muspelheim combat challenges, and put their helmets in the throne circle to the north of the map.

What these fights will also do is teach you how to fight the Queen, because she effectively has the moves of the other eight Valkyries combined.

I would highly recommend finding all nine apples to extend your health bar before you take on this challenge.

It can be the difference between life and death in this fight. I started the fight missing the final apple, but I beat it once I went out and got it to max my health.

I did this fight wearing Ivaldi’s armor that you get from the Mists of Niflheim.

Yes, I did have the full Valkyrie set at this point, but that set does not have many points in Runic at all, while you can craft and upgrade an Ivaldi’s set largely focused on Runic, and I think Runic is OP in this game.

Runic is the key to how I won this fight, and I nearly had it maxed to do so. I had a variety of gems socketed in the armor, mostly ones that bumped all stats and others that increased burn and frost damage. I would get the extended roll distance and speed one too.

My axe pommel was the one that creates a healing mist on hit sometimes, but that doesn’t trigger often so there’s probably a better pick for that.

My blades grip was the one that has a chance to activate Blessing of the Valkyrie on hit.

My talisman is the one you get from one of the Valkyries that slows time, and I highly recommend upgrading it as much as you can to extend the slow. This is key for chaining Runic specials together.

My combat runes were:

Light Axe Attack (Hel’s Touch) – Yes, this is literally the move you start with, and it’s great.

It works as an interrupt and does decent damage. It’s great to lead off chained Runic combos.

Its cooldown is way lower than these others, but I wouldn’t use it by itself.

Heavy Axe Attack (Ivaldi’s Anvil) – The first heavy move I got is also still good.

Be sure to rip the axe out of the ground by pressing R2 again for bonus damage.

Light Blades Attack (Nemean Crush) – Both the light and heavy are pretty similar, giant slams that will burn her and do big damage.

Heavy Blades Attack (Hyperion Slam) – This one when fully upgraded creates a lava pool that will burn her for extra damage, but sometimes she has to be nudged into it a bit.

I usually close the combo with this move, and these last three moves should all have the same cooldown time.

Atreus Bow (Wrath of the Wolf) – Of all the runic summons, I always thought the wolves were the best.

They don’t do a ton of damage to the Queen, but they will lock her down and help you chain your other runic attacks if your stop time talisman isn’t up.

All of these are rank 3.

Finally, make sure you have purchased a resurrection stone to use in this fight, particularly the one that refills your rage meter when you revive, so you’re able to get health back from that.

You do not lose it if you die and restart, so you only need one.

Fight Mechanics

Get ready to roll a lot.

I’m going to go through every attack I can remember that the Valkyrie Queen does, and tell you how to defend against them, and when to counterattack.

She’s a hard boss because even though she has a set array of moves, she uses them in a very, very random order, and she can be incredibly hard to predict.

You have to react to each attack within the moment. And sometimes you will guess wrong and get wrecked.

Unblockable Lunge – This move is where she lunges forward quickly with a sharp wing, which you can’t block.

You have to roll to the right to avoid it, as rolling left or back will get you hit.

If she misses, this is a great chance to hack at her with a weapon for a combo.

Shield Feathers – Often times when you start hacking at her, she will clam up her wings and take no damage.

You have to double tap L1 to block break, and do it quickly or else she’ll burst her wings open and hurt you.

But once you break the block you can do a full combo.

Poison Sweep – She’ll throw a line of poison at you, it’s easy to dodge.

Fire Line – She’ll rain down fire in a line which is easy to dodge, but it will stay on the ground for a while so be sure not to run back through it.

This can trap you against the wall sometimes which is annoying.

Ice Shards – This is one you have to block, not dodge. She will shoot a series of ice shards at you, but then at the very end, she will shoot one unblockable giant ice projectile at you that you will have to dodge. You’ll learn the timing.

Ring Firing – She’ll shoot some seeking rings at you that you also have to block, not dodge.

Often times at the end of this move she will shoot an unblockable super ring at you, which you have to dodge.

But unlike the ice move, she can also randomly shoot this unblockable ring without doing the first set of rings, so be careful.

Wing Spin – There are two versions of this. One she’ll spin in place and throw feathers out at you, this is pretty easy to dodge.

Other times she’ll dance forward with her wings like a demented ballerina and I found this move caught me a lot.

I think it’s better to block it rather than try and dodge it, as her range on this move is lengthy.

Scythe Hack – She’ll dive at you with her scythe, and you can roll out of this, but there are two swings, and the second one can often catch you mid-roll.

This is one move you can actually parry, so you can get a counterattack her if you manage to do that. But it’s risky.

AOE Dive – This is similar to the Scythe dive, but she’ll start creating a mini AOE ring on the ground that will fry you after a short amount of time. Roll away, no blocking here.

Blind Blast – She will loop up into the air for a blinding aerial blast you can’t block, and the only way to stop it is…to have Atreus shoot her with an arrow to send her crashing back down. He’s useful like that.

Dive Bomb Grab – But sometimes she will leap up into the sky and immediately wreck your world.

This is by far the most annoying move she does, because you have to react insanely fast to roll out of the way of her pouncing on you.

If you don’t, you will get your head slammed down by her until you mash O to get out of it, but it’s going to cost you most of your health bar.

Sometimes she will do this grab attempt three times, so keep rolling until you’re sure she’s done.

When she is done, she will be slow and this is a good moment to counterattack with a combo.

Race Forward Grab – This is similar to the last one, but easy to avoid. She will scream and fly directly at you, and you have sidestep and dodge.

Sometimes she does this 1 or 2 times, but it’s usually 3, so keep rolling until she’s done, and again, this is a good moment to counterattack.

If she gets you, this is an extremely high damage move as well, so be careful. Most of my deaths were from these last two moves.

There might be more, but that’s all I can remember. As you can see she has a crazy arsenal of moves, which is what makes her so tough.

Well, also the fact that she can kill you in just a few hits.
God of War

So What Should You Be Doing?

There are probably a few ways to fight this, but here’s what I did.

It mostly involved comboing all four of my Runic moves together. I start the fight by chaining all four axe and blade moves together, having Atreus shoot his special wolf arrow in between the two.

This will lock her down for the duration, and she will take a lot of damage with high Runic.

Then it’s mostly dodging and waiting for cooldowns to come back and doing it again, at least with the four core moves (Atreus’s arrow wolves take longer to return).

At 40 seconds on most of my moves, it’s not a long time to wait, but it can feel like an eternity.

Counterattack during the moves I said above, but don’t get greedy.

One combo is enough before she will recover and start murdering you.

Your talisman will have a longer cooldown than your runic moves, but it’s the safest way to chain them all together, once time is stopped.

You can chain them without the talisman, but it’s a lot riskier, so be careful.

Atreus’s wolves are a good way to lock her down if the talisman isn’t up.

Out of habit I was usually spamming Atreus arrows but they do almost no damage.

Still, any time she starts flying you’ll want Atreus to knock her down.

This doesn’t always work for all her moves, but some of her highest damage unblockables can be interrupted this way as I listed above.

Defensively, outside of blocking and dodging the individual moves like I said above, I would recommend making sure to grab the health stones she will periodically drop.

I’d also say once you get to half life, activate rage and punch her to get some of it back.

Your ultimate back-up plan should be your resurrection stone that will give you a tiny amount of health, but also full rage, so you can activate it immediately to get back to half health or so.

This stone will not disappear if you die, so you only have to buy one.

Remember when you’re in rage mode, getting hit will burn through rage, not health, but once you run out she might be mid-combo and instantly kill you.

Play it safe. I also used rage time to run around collecting health stones sometimes.

Above all else, be patient. I cannot tell you the number of times I got her to 10% health or less and then decided to try and fight through one of her combos for the last few bars of damage, only to find myself murdered and ready to throw the controller through the screen.


Honestly, I can’t remember everything she dropped in the end, a lot upgrade materials to max your Valkyrie gear, and I recall at least one axe pommel that makes your light throw do way more damage and have a chance to explode.

But for me, the prize was the victory itself, after so many frustrating deaths.

Hopefully this guide will help you have an easier time beating her than I did.

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