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Goads on NYT Mini Crossword: Tips and Tricks to Solve the Puzzle

crossword guide videoSixteenByNineJumbo1600
crossword guide videoSixteenByNineJumbo1600

Goads on NYT Mini Crossword: The New York Times Mini Crossword is a popular daily puzzle that tests both your vocabulary and logic skills. Composed of five 5×5 grids containing clues for words across and down, this fast-paced crossword can be completed within minutes for a great mental workout.

Mini Crossword can be challenging and frustrating at times, especially when faced with vague, misleading, or unfamiliar clues. That’s when goads come in; goads provide handy hints to reveal letters, words or even entire puzzles They’re available on the bottom right corner of the screen and you can use them whenever necessary – use as many times as necessary.

Yet using goads too frequently can diminish the challenge and fun of solving puzzles. How can you use them wisely and sparingly? Here are a few suggestions and techniques to assist:

goads on nyt
goads on nyt

Tip 1: Start with the easy clues

One effective strategy to avoid goads is starting off easy clues, or those which come naturally. Start with easy clues such as “Prefix with friendly or phobe”, as this may give you letters to use on subsequent clues.

Tip 2: Look for patterns and wordplay

One strategy for solving a puzzle is spotting patterns and wordplay within both clues and grid. For instance, when presented with clues like “Opposite of WNW”, one possible solution could be an answer starting with ESE which stands in opposition to west-northwest. Likewise when faced with clues like “Sounds like farewell”, consider words that sound similar such as “BYE” or “CIAO”.

Tip 3: Use process of elimination

Sometimes the answers to clues may elude us, but using process of elimination can help narrow down possibilities. For instance, with “Tiny bit”, any words longer than four letters could be eliminated since four spaces are allotted in your grid and any that do not match with existing letters in it would also be eliminated leaving only several options remaining for consideration.

Tip 4: Use goads sparingly and strategically

If you find yourself still stuck, goads may help, but only use them sparingly and strategically depending on your situation. For example, if only one word remains to solve, the word goad may reveal it; if multiple words remain unsolved use letter goads to reveal a common letter among several words (for instance “E” or “S”) so as to provide you with additional clues; last resort you can always use puzzle goads which reveal all puzzle pieces at once if necessary.


The NYT Mini Crossword puzzle can be an engaging and stimulating challenge that tests your knowledge and skill, but can sometimes become frustrating or difficult. Goads may help, but be wary not to rely too heavily on them as this will diminish the satisfaction of solving puzzles on your own – use goads sparingly while following our tips and tricks above for maximum enjoyment while puzzling! Happy puzzling.

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