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Garages made of wood: a material that makes a difference

Garages made of wood
Garages made of wood: Do you want to build a garage? Attached to the house or detached? Single or double garage? Are you hesitating between wood and a more traditional masonry solution? Building a wooden garage is clearly a good idea as there are many advantages, discover them.


5 times lighter than concrete, wood does not require deep foundations. This is important technically of course, but also financially. Shallow foundations mean substantial savings at the time of construction.


Because of its lightness, wood can be used on all types of ground, even those with low bearing capacity. Wood can also offer practical and durable solutions for the construction of a garage on a sloping site. Indeed, the construction can be imagined on stilts by limiting the costs of excavation.

Naturally insulating

Wood is on average 7 times more insulating than concrete. And even if the insulation for a garage can remain rudimentary, this point remains interesting when the garage is attached to the house. Where wood is used, the wall on which it rests benefits from its insulating properties. You can also install a laundry room in a corner of the garage without worrying about the risk of frost. What’s more, for the same performance, timber frames are thinner than traditional masonry, so you gain more interior space.

Fast and clean assembly

The construction of a wooden frame garage is quick and neat. All the elements are prefabricated in the factory, which allows for quick assembly on site. On average, the assembly of a wooden frame garage takes only a few days. As soon as the garage is out of water and air, the fitting out (installation of electricity, cupboards, etc.) can begin without delay.


A wooden garage lends itself to all architectural styles, from the most modern to the most classic. In terms of exterior finishes, wood can be stained or painted. It can be combined with many materials, such as PVC or aluminium for the openings. Let your desires and your imagination talk or find some inspiration on the Internet.

What type of garage to choose?

The construction of a wooden Garages made of wood can be either attached to the house or detached in the garden. Whatever your needs, you will find the right garage on Quick-Garden.co.uk.  For example, if you have only one vehicle, the future garage must be at least 5 m long and 2.50 m wide, i.e. a surface area of 12.50 m². If you have two vehicles, a double garage must be built. In this case, there are two options: a side-by-side double garage or a double garage in a row. For a side-by-side double garage, in which the two vehicles are parked next to each other, the minimum dimensions are 6 m long and 5.20 m wide, i.e. an area of 33 m². For a double garage in a row, in which the two vehicles are parked one behind the other, the minimum dimensions are 9 m long and 2.50 m wide, i.e. an area of 22.50 m².
Of course, these minimum dimensions can be increased considerably if you wish to include storage space, a laundry room, a DIY workshop, etc.
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