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Game Of Throne – Night King Symbol


The Night King Spiral Mystery in ‘Game of Thrones’ Has Finally Been Solved

Night king symbol : Many fan theories are presently circulating ahead of the final episodes of Game of Thrones, especially in the aftermath of many long-running ones, such as Jon’s hidden paternity and claim to the throne, proving to be true.

The White Walker’s spiral emblem reappeared last week, this time as a sequence of limbs with an undead child caught in the middle, and the entire thing was lit on fire by Berric’s sword in one of the show’s most horrifying scenes in a long time.

We’ve seen this spiral symbol previously, as well as a couple of others. Quite a few times, in fact.

The Children of the Forest sacrificed a guy in some sort of pagan rite at a tree, a man who became a White Walker, and we saw the spiral in a critical flashback, the one where the Children of the Forest sacrificed a man in some sort of pagan ritual at a tree, a man who became a White Walker.

The spiral pattern, constructed composed of stones, wrapped itself around the tree.

However, there is no need to conjecture any longer because we have found a genuine answer to this topic.

I’m not just talking about a great fan theory that appears to be correct; I’m talking about the guy who authored the premiere and explained exactly what the burning spiral implies.

When questioned about the subject, here’s what Game of Thrones premiere writer Dave Hill had to say to the New York Post:

That’s all there is to it. The White Walkers utilise this emblem, as well as at least a few others, as stolen sacred icons from the Children of the Forest, whom they despise.

Then you may take a step further and ask, “Well, what did the symbol mean for the Children of the Forest then?”

But I have a sense that this is going to be the end of the riddle, and that just naming the spiral as a sacred symbol will be all we receive.

I was shocked to see Hill describe it so plainly, because getting answers to lingering issues from the Game of Thrones cast or crew is nearly impossible, so I suspect this isn’t the story’s most important enigma that fans wanted it to be.

It’s just the Night King’s technique of intimidating people and demonising the Children, whom he despises. Beyond that, I’m not sure we’ll be able to deduce any deeper significance from this, nor do we need to.

With only five episodes left, we may not see the spiral again, but if we do, I imagine the Night King put up quite a closing tableau performance this time, complete with a screaming murder zombie child.

Now for the bigger question: is the Night King just a random monster, or does he have a hidden identity that we need to discover?

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