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Fortnite Gold Balloons Locations


In ‘Fortnite: Battle Royale,’ Here’s Where You Can Pop 10 Golden Balloons

Fortnite gold balloons : Season 7’s penultimate week has arrived in Fortnite. Week 9 provides a slew of new challenges, ranging from X-4 Stormwing timed trials to yet another progressive dancing challenge.

In anticipation of this weekend’s spectacular concert, the new Marshmello challenges have also gone live.

One of the more difficult missions this week requires players to pop ten golden balloons placed across the map.

We’ll show you where to find all ten of them in this guide (and then some.)

The balloons are golden, as promised, and hang on a line barely above the ground.

They’re not difficult to detect, but they’re also not easy to locate, particularly if you don’t know where to search.

Here’s a map of all the golden balloon locations we’ve discovered thus far:

  • Locations of Golden Balloons:
  • East of the Palms of Paradise
  • North of Wailing Woods, by the fort
  • Near the shipping yard, on an electric tower
  • To the northeast of Lazy Links, along the river
  • Lucky Landing is to the southwest.
  • In the hills west of Happy Hamlet
  • On the sign for the motel
  • Dusty Divot is located in the middle of Dusty Divot.
  • Haunted Hills is a horror film set in the United States.
  • In Fatal Fields, on the windmill
  • On the sign outside the hangars, Frosty Flights
  • Retail Row is to the southeast.

Locations that have been updated:

There are very definitely additional balloons at Tilted Towers, Loot Lake, Tomato Temple, Shifty Shafts, Salty Springs, east of Wailing, and south of Paradise Palms.

You should have little issue identifying ten of the 16+ we’ve discovered so far. Thanks to readers who discovered more and informed me!

Important note: If another player pops the balloons first, they will pop and disappear.

To put it another way, you might show up to these areas expecting to discover… nothing.

This isn’t like some other challenges where each player faces a different obstacle.

It’s a race to see who can pop the most balloons in the shortest amount of time.

So this one might take a while because you might go to any of these places and yet come up empty-handed.

That’s a bummer, but it’s also kind of entertaining. It makes it more difficult, which is probably the objective.

On your road to Tier 100 and the Ice King skin, complete the task for 5 Battle Stars.

This will also get you closer to unlocking the very nice Prisoner skin, which can be obtained after completing 60 weekly tasks.

That implies four weeks before Week 9 and four weeks after that. Take a look at that skin.

In any event, let me know if you find any additional golden balloon sites on Twitter or Facebook, and I’ll add them to the map. Thanks!

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