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Fortnite Bat Signals Locations


Where To Light Up 3 Different Bat Signals Outside Of Gotham City In Fortnite’s Bat Signals

Fortnite bat signals : Happy Batman Day, everyone! Why not play some Fortnite to celebrate?

After all, Epic Games is launching a massive Batman event today that includes a new set of challenges, free cosmetic prizes, and not-so-free skins in the Item Shop, where you can buy Catwoman for V-Bucks, and a pretty sweet Batman bundle in the Store.

One of the free challenges requires players to light up various Bat Signals on the outskirts of Gotham City.

Gotham City is a brand-new destination on Fortnite’s ever-changing map, taking the place of Tilted Towers / Neo Tilted / Tilted Town.

The Bat Signals themselves are dispersed over the map and are difficult to locate.

I’ve included four in the map below, and I’ll keep this site updated when I come across more.

If you find any, please let me know on Twitter or Facebook, and I’ll update this guide.

Update: Thanks to my wonderful readers, I’ve updated the map below with several more Bat Signal locations! Continue reading to find more about the other eight! In any case, here’s a map of the area:

Locations of Fortnite Bat Signals

On the ridge east of Pleasant Park, with a view of Loot Lake.
Northeast of Snobby Shores, on the mountain with the Villain Lair.

In the Moisty Mires rift zone, on the roof of the prison.
On the roof of the large building in the heart of Junk Junction.

In Lazy Lagoon, there’s one on the hill just north of the pirate settlement.

Between Dusty Depot and Salty Springs, one on the large pillar in the centre of the map.

One near Lucky Landing, on the hill with the small shack.
One is on the large hill to the west of Fatal Fields, with the house.

There are most likely more! Let’s go out and find them all!

Here are a few examples:

In Junk Junction, there’s a Bat Signal.

Seeing screenshots of Batman himself lighting up these Bat Signals is kind of amusing.

I envision a bored Bruce Wayne going out and summoning his alter-ego to kill time.

I’ll keep looking for more of them, but for the time being, this is all you’ll need to accomplish the challenge.

Pretend you’re Commissioner Gordon and set these things on fire. Also, keep in mind that the night is usually the darkest before the dawn.

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