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Footage Reveals Drone Strike in Kabul That Killed Aid Worker & His Family


Drone Strike in Kabul: The U.S. military claimed it had defeated an imminent threat to Kabul last month using a drone strike.

This was a fabrication. A new video declassified shows that a drone attack targeted an aid worker and killed ten civilians and seven children.

The official story is being questioned by The New York Times after a new investigation.

It used surveillance video, interviews of Ahmadi’s family members and colleagues, and visits to the site.

Volunteer for Humanitarian Causes

Kabul’s drone attack of August 29th claimed the life of a humanitarian worker.

Nine family members were also injured. He was a long-standing employee of Nutrition and Education International (NEI), a California-based lobbying and aid group.

Ezmarai Ahmadi has been working in Afghanistan for NEI as a translator since 2006.

His relatives claim he lived in Kabul with his family, just 2 miles from Kabul’s international airport.

American journalists covered the chaotic evacuation of civilians and troops by covering it.

According to the Pentagon, the drone strike’s target was an Islamic State terrorist plotting an attack on Kabul’s airport.

Independent investigations by The New York Times and Washington Post showed that the victim was an innocent aid worker.

Family member

Ten members of the Ahmadi family were killed in a drone attack by the United States on Kabul, August 29th, 2021.

The Pentagon said it was an attack on Islamic State militants who planned to attack American troops at Kabul Airport during an evacuation.

A New York Times investigation revealed that the victim had worked for Nutrition and Education International, a US-based aid organization.

His colleagues said that he was an engineer with a track record of success and had worked for the organization for more than 15 years.

Zemarai Ahmadi was a beloved and enthusiastic employee of NEI.

According to the Times, he was one of the six Afghans recruited by NEI. He was also a leader on its staff.


For weeks, the Pentagon denied that the drone attack on Afghanistan in the final days of U.S. withdrawal was an error.

After footage from news outlets disproved the government’s claims for weeks, the Biden administration finally apologized and promised that Ahmadi’s family would be evacuated and resettled.

Ahmadi worked for an American aid agency.

It’s been one year since the strike, and families still grieve.

Relatives of the aid worker said he was a beloved and proud employee at Nutrition & Education International, whose offices were damaged in the strike.

CNN reported that the coworkers believed false ISIS claims about America targeted them.

The strike also made their job more difficult by making them targets.

As the Taliban take control of Kabul and the war rages on, they are concerned that the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan will put their lives at risk.

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According to the Pentagon, a drone strike in Kabul caused the deaths of a veteran aid worker and his family.

This strike occurred as U.S. troops attempted to evacuate thousands of Afghans and Americans before withdrawing last august.

This attack is now one of the most shocking drone strikes in America’s war against terror.

It prompted intense scrutiny and forced the military to explain its actions and open its books.

The Pentagon was also forced to reconsider its priorities in Afghanistan after the strike.

Zemari Ahmadi, a 43-year-old aid worker, and his family weren’t involved in infiltrating or planning the Islamic State group.

They worked instead for Nutrition & Education International in California, a nonprofit dedicated to fighting malnutrition in the country.