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FlyingGiants: The Ultimate Online Community for Giant Scale Enthusiasts

flying giants

If you are passionate about giant scale RC planes, you might have heard of FlyingGiants, the online community that caters to your hobby. FlyingGiants is more than just a website, it is a platform where you can connect with other enthusiasts, share your experiences, learn new skills, and discover the latest news and events in the world of giant scale RC flying. In this article, we will explore some of the features and benefits of joining FlyingGiants, and how you can become a part of this amazing community.

flying giants
flying giants

What is FlyingGiants?

FlyingGiants was launched by Jim Bourke in 2005 as an online community dedicated to giant scale RC planes. No dedicated resource existed at that time for these planes – they typically feature 80″ monoplane wingspan or 60″ biplane wingspan; gas engines power these planes; they require expert piloting for optimal results and require lots of skill to fly safely.

FlyingGiants seeks to offer giant scale RC enthusiasts a welcoming and supportive community environment where they can exchange ideas, tips, tricks, feedback and exchange. Furthermore, FlyingGiants contains an abundance of content such as articles, reviews, videos, podcasts forums blogs galleries classifieds classifieds for beginners as well as experienced enthusiasts alike; whatever your level or experience level. You’re bound to find something of interest on FlyingGiants that you find both educational and enjoyable.

Why Join FlyingGiants?

FlyingGiants membership provides many reasons, with several of the main ones listed below:

  • By joining, you will become part of an engaged community that shares your interest or hobby. Interact with fellow members, ask questions and offer advice; making new friendships.
  • Gain access to an abundance of knowledge and expertise from some of the finest giant scale RC pilots worldwide. Learn from their experiences while watching videos, reading articles, or listening to podcasts; plus receive feedback and suggestions regarding your projects or skills.
  • You will stay abreast of all of the latest events and news surrounding giant scale RC racing, from new products, models, technologies and trends to contests giveaways promotions as well as local/national fly-ins shows and competitions.
  •  Your hobby will bring nothing but fun and enjoyment, from showing off your planes to sharing stories and expressing creativity. Additionally, this hobby will test and improve your skills as you set new goals to meet.

How to Join FlyingGiants?

FlyingGiants membership is easy and free – simply visit the website and register an account by providing your valid email address, username, password and agreeing to terms and conditions and privacy policy. Once registered you’ll have access to all the features and content on FlyingGiants including customizing your profile with photos/videos uploaded directly from social networks such as Instagram/Twitter etc, creating your blog/vlog, joining forums etc etc.

If you are already an RCGroups member, using your login credentials to access FlyingGiants will allow you to use all the same account features such as linking accounts and synching settings and preferences between accounts.

FlyingGiants is the ultimate online community for giant scale RC enthusiasts. Here you will find everything necessary to enjoy their hobby from information and content, interaction and support to fun and excitement. If you are curious about giant scale RC planes, don’t hesitate to join FlyingGiants.

FlyingGiants is a website that offers a lot of benefits for giant scale RC plane lovers. It is a place where you can learn, share, and have fun with other people who share your passion. You can find a variety of content, from articles and videos to podcasts and forums, that will help you improve your skills and knowledge. You can also join events and contests, and show off your planes and projects. Joining FlyingGiants is easy and free, and you can use your existing RCGroups account if you have one. If you are interested in giant scale RC flying, FlyingGiants is the community for you.