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Florida Mom Sues School District alleging district banned her over OnlyFans posts


Florida Mom Sues School District Victoria Triece was on her way to help out at her son’s elementary school’s pumpkin carving event in October 2021 when the principal asked for a chat. While carrying supplies, Triece said she could spare a few moments but still manage to chat.

Triece never made it to her son’s classroom, according to a lawsuit. She claimed the principal informed her that the Florida school district board had decided she could no longer engage with children on school grounds due to nude photos she posted on the social media platform OnlyFans.

Last week, Triece filed a lawsuit in Florida’s circuit court against Orlando’s Orange County Public Schools, seeking the right to resume volunteering for her two sons’ school events.

“I took my job very seriously,” Triece, 31 told The Washington Post. “And then you get told ‘Hey, you just can’t be here’ It’s like, ‘What do I do now?’ This was my life.”

An Orange County Public Schools spokesperson confirmed that their district

Florida Mom Sues School District

Triece, who has raised her 11 and 7-year-old sons as a single parent since 2019, opened an OnlyFans account — where subscribers pay to access videos and photos — later that year. She began posting on the platform to generate income while keeping her schedule flexible so she could volunteer at Sand Lake Elementary School, she said.

Triece began volunteering at her son’s school in October 2016, organizing field days and class parties and chaperoning field trips. When other children’s parents couldn’t attend events, Triece said she comforted their kids instead.

Triece lamented, “Now my child’s in that position – which is absolutely gut-wrenching”

On Oct. 13, 2021, Triece reported arriving at the school in the morning to help her youngest son carve pumpkins when the principal asked if she could speak with her in her office. Over a period of about 40 minutes, Triece said, the principal informed her that someone had sent Triece’s OnlyFans pictures to Orange County School Board; thus rescinding Trie’s access to school property.

Triece reported crying for more than an hour. She had planned on participating in science experiments and hall decorations over the following days but felt guilty because her feelings weren’t being validated. “This isn’t right,” she remembered thinking, “I need somebody to help me get back into that building.”

Triece then sought legal counsel, who sent a letter to the county and school on October 27, 2021, asking for her reinstatement in the volunteer program. However, more than a year later, that ban remains in place, according to her lawsuit.

Triece said she still donates supplies to the school but leaves them in a box at the front door for faculty members to retrieve. Additionally, she communicates with her son’s teachers through ClassDojo – an educational phone app.

Mark NeJame, Triece’s attorney, lamented: “How dare they imprint the scarlet letter on her and then make her an object of ridicule among children?” Yet they still willingly take her gifts to students – it’s the epitome of hypocrisy.”

On Jan. 24, Triece and her attorneys filed the lawsuit, contending that the school district had violated her privacy rights.

Triece’s children still request her attendance at school events, according to her. Last week, her youngest son expressed disappointment that she couldn’t make it on a SeaWorld field trip and she isn’t permitted to go with him to his orchestra concerts, according to Triece.

“Being a mom was the most rewarding part,” Triece reflected. “That was all I ever wanted for my children.”

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