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5 Best Horror Movies of Bollywood of All Time


Bollywood has had an adoration detest association with awfulness silver screen. The movie producer never had the assets for enhancements and great quality CGI required to build a wonderful ordeal for the watchers.

Here is our rundown of ten of those films in Bollywood that are well-made and startling and no Indian awfulness fan should miss them.

Here is our rundown of best 5 of those motion pictures in Bollywood that are well-made and alarming and no Indian loathsomeness fan should miss them.

5. Darna Mana Hai

Smash Gopal Varma is one of only a handful couple of Bollywood movie producers who is not reluctant to try. Therefore, his films tremendously contrast in quality and style.

He may have made a top notch film like Satya, yet he additionally made Aag which apparently made watchers leave inside minutes after the film had started. His Darna Mana Hai is one of his examinations – and I daresay a fruitful one.

It is a wacky film made up of six short stories in one real issue which additionally has a wonderful completion. Each story is quite great, and some are unnerving, some simply entertaining, and some alarming. Varma has picked his performers well. Try not to miss the Rajpal Yadav story.

4. 1920

1920 was a surprising achievement, both basic and business, despite the fact that it utilized each ghastliness buzzword one could consider.

Also wooden acting from the male lead. In any case, it was a really alarming film, and Bollywood frightfulness fans can’t ask close to that. It is a spooky house story, and included a youthful couple who move in an enormous remote house.

The inconvenience begins after a detestable soul starts to frequent the house and enters the body of the female lead (played capably by Adah Sharma).

That is the very meaning of a spooky house film, however it is truly unnerving and at present we can ask close to that.

3. Haunted – 3D

Maybe the main Bollywood blood and gore movie that got its enhancements right, Haunted 3D. Yes, rest of the stuff was as worn out as different movies, however the 3D tag was legitimized.

It additionally had a persevering pace and persistent strain which made you never need to turn away (aside from when the phantoms appeared to leave the screen) Probably on account of the visual quality, the film was uncommonly fruitful on the movies

2. Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Priyadarshan is for the most part known for his satire movies, commonly including an obfuscate at last when the expansive different cast meet up to run and toss things at each other.

This is thoughtless fun, droll comic drama taking care of business regardless of the possibility that it is redundant. Bhool Bhulaiyaa wires droll parody with frightfulness and a notable execution by Vidya Balan.

The tricks of Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav keep you engaged and the eerie Mere Dholna by Shreya Ghoshal remains with you long after you’re finished with the film.

1. Raaz

The Bhatts are known for their awfulness and sexual movies and once in a while they utilize the components of the two types in the film.

Raaz is a case of that and like all Bollywood thrillers, it is a potboiler, with suggestive scenes, dreadful house, and an insidious female soul.

Be that as it may, it every single together function admirably, on the grounds that it is a terrifying film and uses cinematography and sound outline to great impact. Ashutosh Rana is the champion entertainer.

This was the scariest list of the haunted movies of bollywood that made a great remark in the genre of horror films.

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