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Fortnite Challenges – Car Parts Fortnite Locations


Car Parts Fortnite During Fortnite Season 5, there are many different challenges you can complete during the game. In this article, you will learn about some of them. These challenges include the Week 2 challenge, the Junkyard challenge, and the Dirty Docks challenge.

Car Parts Fortnite: Car Parts Fortnite: Dirty Docks

During Season 5, Fortnite players have been tasked with finding three Car Parts. Those who complete the challenge will receive 20,000 XP, which will help them level up their Battle Pass and unlock new items.

The challenge begins at a junkyard outside Dirty Docks. There are two Car Parts in the junkyard.

One is in a storage container, while the other is buried in the ground.

The third Car Part is inside a shipping container. You must break open the container to obtain the part.

The next stage of the challenge requires you to deliver the vehicle from Steamy Stacks to Pleasant Park.

If you don’t know where to start, you should head to Dirty Docks, which is located near a river.

There are plenty of parts to find in this area. The last part is located inside a building with a grey storage container.

The first car part is in a semi-open storage container. The second part is near a big orange machine, while the third part is in a shipping container.

Car Parts Fortnite: Junkyard

During the last season of Fortnite, players had to find three Car Parts in order to complete the Epic Rarity quest.

The quest wasn’t exactly a secret, but it didn’t really explain where to find these car parts.

However, they are definitely something special, and can be found with the help of others.

Here’s a quick Fortnite car parts guide to help you find the items you need.

The first car part is located in a small pile of cars. The second is located behind the pile of cars, and the third is hidden in a gray storage container.

In order to get all three, you’ll need to interact with each part of the car.

The third Car Part is hidden inside a shipping container in Dirty Docks. This part is located near a big orange machine and the chain link fence.

The second Car Part is located in a junkyard that is near the dirt and river. The third Car Part is located in a grey storage container near a tree in Dirty Docks.

Car Parts Fortnite: Season 5 challenges

Getting the right car parts in Fortnite has become more difficult in Season 5 with the new system.

The new Fortnite challenges will help you earn more XP and gold bars.

You can use the extra XP to level up your battle pass or buy some exotic weapons.

There are a lot of different types of challenges. The biggest addition is new crossover characters. This season will also feature new cosmetics.

You can get a special matte black skin for Series X|S players and a Master Chief skin.

The challenge in Fortnite Season 5 is finding three car parts. There are four parts in total.

You may not be able to find all three in one match, but you should have a good chance of getting at least two.

The third part is hidden inside a gray storage container with a barely open door.

You can also find the first two parts in the compact cars junkyard. The last part is in a big open container.

Week 2 challenge

During Fortnite Season 5, the Car Parts Fortnite Week 2 challenge asks players to find clues in three locations. These areas are Pleasant Park, Lazy Lake and Holly Hedges.

This is a tricky challenge as it requires players to interact with mailboxes. If players do not know how to do this, they will miss the opportunity to find car parts.

The first car part can be found in a storage container that is partially open. This can be found in the southeast area of Dirty Docks.

The second part is located in a junkyard near Dirty Docks. This part is located on the right side of a large orange structure.

The third part can be found in a gray shipping crate inside Dirty Docks.

The third car part can be found in a gray storage container with a door that is slightly open. This part is located near chained fences and a building with a sloped roof.

The Fortnite Car Parts Week 2 challenge is a challenging task, but players should be able to find all three parts.

It is recommended that players find the parts before their friends do. This will allow players to earn valuable XP and progress towards level 100.

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