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Error Resolution in Windows-Based Operating Systems


Users of Windows-based Operating Systems prefer the UI due to its user-friendly nature. Microsoft provides features to its users for error handling and ease of use. As such, users find it easy to follow the steps mentioned in the process. Errors like “msvcr100.dll missing“, “vcruntime140_1.dll not found”, etc., are prevalent. However, before delving into such topics, one should understand what .dll files are and what they achieve on the system. Thus, this article will focus on achieving the same endeavor.

What is a DLL?

A Dynamic Link Library or a .dll file is a collection of elements used by applications concurrently. These are delivered highly by various organizations for the optimal functioning of their software. For instance, DIRECT X, PHYS X, etc., are files provided by Microsoft and NVIDIA. In such cases, handling these files becomes a breeze by following a few simple steps.

Errors faced by Users

DLL files are viable for both developers and users. However, they do pose a few errors for users. Here are some prevalently observed errors users face.

i) Missing Files 

A missing .dll file is the most common error faced by users. There are various reasons for the occurrence of this error. Firstly, a user can always reinstall the software that is causing the error. Another reason for these errors is that they get outdated. For instance, one might encounter an “dll missing” if they haven’t updated their version of Windows.

ii) Corrupt Files

Another prevalent error faced is that of a corrupt file. Users often have viruses spread across the system. By allowing such malware content to creep into the system, they expose it to external damage. As such, one should take precautionary steps before downloading files or transferring data. Users can opt for an anti-virus software like Kaspersky to help them achieve this endeavor.

iii) Authorization Errors

While these errors are not faced as much, users also encounter them occasionally. Authorization errors occur when applications like firewalls and anti-viruses restrict privileges to specific applications. They essentially tell the computer that that file is a virus or a trojan.

Solutions to these Errors

While errors may be frustrating to users, there are simple fixes to these issues. As such, here are some of the solutions preferred highly by users.

i) System Restore

System restore is a feature provided by Microsoft for Windows-based Operating Systems. This feature allows users to create checkpoints on the system when it functioned optimally. System restoration lets users essentially take the OS back in time. Users can backtrack their system back to when applications worked as desired.

ii) Software Reinstall

Another solution users can opt for is the reinstallation of the faulty software. This feature allows them to install a fresh, new version of the application. By doing so, they risk the loss of data. As such, this solution is slightly lesser preferred.

iii) File Download

Finally, users can always download the missing or corrupt file on the internet. This activity is slightly hazardous. Unsuspecting users often fall prey to phishing websites on the internet which leads to them downloading malicious content. Software disguised as legitimate applications tends to be viruses that spread to other system files. As such, users need to take extreme precautionary methods before downloading files on the internet.

In conclusion, users find it easy to solve errors related to .dll files. By following the steps mentioned above, users can ensure their system’s safety while resolving issues faced on Windows-based Operating Systems. 


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