Home News Doodle For Google 2022 Showcased Winner On Google’s Homepage

Doodle For Google 2022 Showcased Winner On Google’s Homepage


The winning response from a Florida adolescent emphasizes the value of a network of friends.

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Doodle for Google Winner Cares for Herself by Not Going It Alone

Recognizing that there are people in the world who are also there to take care of you can be a necessary part of taking care of yourself.

High school student Sophie Araque-Doodle Liu’s is built around that realization.

Her Doodle, titled Not Alone, won the 2022 Doodle for Google competition, an annual competition available to schoolchildren in the US, Google said on Tuesday. The topic for this year was “I take care of myself by…”

Participants were required to submit a concise, original statement of their theme along with their artwork. The Florida high school girl described how she takes care of herself as follows:

“I take care of myself by allowing others to take care of me. I frequently struggle to carry a load alone and lose sight of the many individuals, including my mother, who care about me and wish to support me.

I can deal with things I could never accomplish on my alone by being open with people and accepting their assistance.”

Google stated that the judges of the contest felt Sophie’s message of relying on one’s support system will resonate with those who have gone through difficult times.

Uncertainties regarding our mental health affect everyone, including children. According to experts, parents must make sure their kids feel comfortable talking about their feelings and asking for support when they do.

Every home should regularly discuss mental health because it is an important component of overall wellness.

Sophie will also get a $30,000 college scholarship and a $50,000 technology award, in addition to having her Doodle appear for a day on Google’s home page.

Her Doodle is also shown in a collection of artwork for all the state winners selected from entries provided by kids in grades K through 12 in the US, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands.