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Don’t Breathe 2 Movie Story, Star Cast and Crew

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The Story of the Film Don’t Breathe 2

Don’t Breathe 2 is an upcoming American Action Horror Thriller Film. The director of the film is Rodo Say agues with his directorial debut.

He co-wrote with Fede Álvarez and produced by Álvarez, Sam Raimi, and Rob Tapert from a Screenplay.
The movie’s sequel to the 2016 film Don’t Breathe, directed by Álvarez, and stars Stephen Lang, reprising his role as Norman Nordstrom or The Blind Man.
At the same time, Brendan Sexton III and Madelyn Grace star in supporting roles.
In the film Don’t Breathe, Norman Nordstrom, the role played by actor Stephen Lang.
He underestimates by everyone because of his blindness. He reveals a complex will to survives and goes what he wants, but also a monstrous, evil side of his personality, as nothing – no person or person’s moral science– will stand in his way.
Now, in the film Don’t Breathe 2, eight years later, Nordstrom lives with 11-year-old Phoenix.
He has the family stolen from him by a drunk driver. He has found the twisted justice he always felt was due when intruders once again come to his home.
The time focussed on Phoenix, Norman will reveal for a second time what hides inside him and likewise. That will be in new and unexpected ways.

The Star Cast of the Film Don’t Breathe 2

Stephen Lang

Stephen Lang is an American Screen and Stage Actor and Playwright. He is known for roles in films including Manhunter, Gettysburg, Tombstone, Gods and Generals, Public Enemies, Guilty as Sin, Loose Women, An Occasional Hell, Fire Down Below, and Doesn’t Breathe 2.

Brendan Sexton III

He is an American Actor. His movies are Welcome to the Dollhouse, Empire Records, Boom, Arresting Gena, Hurricane Streets, Spark, Desert Blue, Boys Don’t Cry, Black Hawk Down, Footsteps, Winter Solstice, Hide and Seek, Just Like the Son, Little Fugitive and Don’t Breathe 2.

Madelyn Grace

She is an Actress. Her movies are Anniversary Nightmare, Always, Princess, The Real Santa, Rendezvous Dogs, One Step Too Far, Live in the Grey and Don’t Breathe 2.

Steffan Rhodri

She is a Welsh Film Actor. Her films like Wonder Woman, Twin Town, Ironclad, Submarine, The Big I Am and Don’t Breathe 2.

Adam Young

He is an Actor. Adam’s movies like Two for Joy, Period Piece, Sex Education, Fine line, Tybalt’s Truth, EastEnders, Masters of the Air, and Don’t Breathe 2.

Bobby Schofield

He is an Actor. Bobby’s movies are The Last Ferry, Cherry, Locked Down, Anthony, How to Build a Girl, The Catcher Was a Spy, The Watchman, Black Sea, Our World War, and Don’t Breathe 2.

The Crew of the Film Don’t Breathe 2

Rodo (The Director of the Film)

He is an Uruguayan Screenwriter, Producer, Lyricist, Actor, and Director best known for his work on Fede Álvarez’s films, including Evil Dead and Don’t Breathe 2.

Fede Álvarez (The Producer of the Film)

He is an Uruguayan Producer, Filmmaker and Writer. Fede’s movies like Don’t Breathe, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Don’t Breathe 2.

Fede Álvarez (The Writer of the Film)

He is a Writer, Producer and Filmmaker. Fede’s Evil Dead, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Calls, Don’t Breathe and Don’t Breathe 2.

Pedro Luque (The Cinematographer of the Film)

He is a Cinematographer. Pedro’s movies are Jacob’s Ladder, Body Cam, The Silence of the Sky, Look Away, Extinction, The Watcher, Local God, Leo’s Room, The Silent House, and Don’t Breathe 2.

Roque Baños (The Music Composer of the Film)

He is a Music Composer. Roque’s movies are Sexy Beast, The Machinist, Evil Dead, The Oxford Murders, Oldboy, Regression, In the Heart of the Sea, The Commuter, The Miracle Season, The Girl in the Spider’s Web, Play, His House, and Don’t Breathe 2.
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