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Desi Arnaz – Bio, Family, Career & Death


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Desi Arnaz

Desi Arnaz’s Biography

He was a Cuban-born actor and a Musician.

Actor led Cuba to the United States with his family in the year1933. Early success brought to him offered a role in the year 1939 Broadway musical is called Too Many Girls. Later he acted in the film version. There he met with his future wife, Lucille Ball. In the year 1949, Arnaz introduced the hit television series called I Love Lucy. The series ran for around six years.

Early Life and Family

Actor and musician Desi Arnaz were born on March 2, 1917, in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. He took him to a wealthy family after working several odd jobs to help and support his family. Desi got his first musician’s work as a guitarist for the album called Siboney Septet.

Desi’s father was Santiago’s youngest mayor and served in the Cuban House of Representatives. His maternal grandfather’s name was Alberto de Acha. He was an executive at rum producer Bacardi & Company.

Desi Arnaz’ Education

Desi attended St. Patrick Catholic High School. In the year1934, he also attended Saint Leo Prep near Tampa to improve his English language.

Desi Arnaz’s Music Career

After working briefly for the Xavier Cugat in New York, Arnaz returned to Miami to comb. Desi introduced the Conga Line to American audiences. It was then such a hit. Both locally and nationally that he returned to New York to start his band.

He was offering with a character in the year 1939’s Broadway musical called Too Many Girls. Later he acted in the Hollywood film version.

Arnaz made three more films before indulged in the Army during World War II. During his two years in this service, he was responsible for entertaining the armed forces. Arnaz formed a new orchestra after being discharged. He recorded several hits during the late years of the 1940s. He has an orchestra leader on Bob Hope’s radio show from the years 1946 to 1947.

Desi On the popular series called ‘I Love Lucy’

In 1949, Arnaz turned his efforts to gave the hit television series known as I Love Lucy. It ran for almost six years, and it became the most successful television program in history. Arnaz and Ball had a precise aim in mind when the series started development.

The show to be shot on the film, which is opposed to the cheaper kinescope, but they also continued to have full ownership of the program under their production company called Desilu Productions. Show telecasted in the year 1951.

The show touched many personal and taboo issues of that time. It includes marriage and pregnancy novelty of the series, coupled with Arnaz and Ball’s chemistry, grew strong and proved successful. I Love Lucy became the No. 1 show in the country. For four of its six seasons. The series ended in the year 1957. 

Desi Arnaz’s Personal Life

He is reminding of his marriage to actress Lucille Ball. Their Television show is called ‘I Love Lucy.’ Lucille Ball was an Actress in her profession. It was in the series; he met his future wife, Lucille Ball. They were married in 1940. A couple both on and off-camera. Arnaz and Ball’s show had similar to their actual marriage.

Arnaz’s marriage to Ball ended in 1960; he sold his share of Desilu Productions to his wife in the year 1963. After that, he made a few entries into the television. He worked mainly on scenes and served as a producer on such shows as The Mothers-In-Law in the late 1960s. With his second wife named Edith, he lived in California.

Desi Arnaz’s Children

Actress Lucille Ball was giving birth to their son on the same show on the same day. On the screen also Ball gave birth to their son in real life.

Desi Arnaz’s Death

He died of cancer at home in the year 1986, at the age of 69.

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