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Delicious Indian Chicken Recipes and their Secrets


Indian non-vegetarian cuisine includes an array of chicken recipes which are very popular for their taste. In India, chicken is also appreciated for being full of different health nutrients like proteins, calcium and carbohydrates. This, further, helps in making the recipes healthier for body. You can find several approaches and varieties of cooking in India.

Delicious Indian Chicken Recipes and their Secrets

The cooking style differs from north to south India in a variety of approaches. Probably the most common Indian style chicken recipes are chicken curry, tandoori chicken, biryanis, cutlets, kebabs and kadhai chicken. The majority of the Indian meat recipes are unique and yummy. Thus, if you are a chicken lover, you need to try Indian chicken recipes so as to feel the delicious Indian flavour and mixture of spices.

Chicken is recognised as the primary element of the meal in a variety of northern areas in India like Punjab and Lucknow. The tasty Murg tandoori is among the best chicken recipes which are extremely simple to make. It requires only fifteen minutes to get the recipe prepared. You need to simply marinate the meat parts in yogurt and then seasoned using some fresh tandoori masala.

Aside from this, there are numerous other recipes famous all around the globe. Butter chicken, also referred to as Chicken Makhani, is yet another very popular recipe of India. Butter chicken is also very popular in a variety of other areas of this world. This tasty recipe is well known for the amazing mixture of thick spices and plenty of butter.

Another very popular north Indian meat treat is Chicken Biryani Awadhi. It actually is associated with probably the most cultural city of the nation, Lucknow. This chicken recipe simply is among the Mughal era’s Kitchen. The key of the tasty chicken treat is that it is prepared in layers of chicken and rice.

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Therefore, since we have discussed all of the major chicken choices of North India, let’s turn down south. While referring to southern chicken, we need to begin with the planet popular Hyderabad Biryani. This Hyderabad type combination of chicken and rice is extensively appreciated all around the globe for its amazing combination of rich spices. This is a very yummy, filling and colorful recipe. Hyderabadi Biryani was really introduced by combining both Telengana and Mughlai cuisine in the extremely popular Nizam’s kitchens.

Aside from these, south is also popular for many different other tasty chicken recipes called chicken chettinad, chicken paratha and southern chicken kebabs.