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Decor trends for weddings in Bangalore


Many often, we hear phrases like “Change is the rule of nature” or “Change is the only constant,” and both of these statements are accurate in each circumstance. From our lives to technology, everything changes; some changes are slower than others, but all changes are inevitable. Even the wedding industry has been subject to transformation; nowadays, engaged couples expect more from their wedding apparel and the décor of their reception venues; they simply want more.

In contrast to the days of yore, when the term “decor” referred to little more than some hanging garlands, draped stage backdrops, red velvet-covered seats for the bride and husband, and delicate veils, modern weddings have a much more elaborate assortment of ornamentation. In point of fact, couples desire more than the trend toward understated minimalism; these days, everything needs to make an impression which is why booking a professional wedding decorator in Bangalore is crucial too.

The most recent trend in wedding planning is the utilisation of daring wedding ideas, where the decoration makes a statement on its own. The most recent developments in interior design feature many flower arrangements that are larger than life and lots of mirrors; these elements are all created on a massive scale and will take your venue decor to another level. But first, you need to explore the list of the best Bangalore banquet halls and book the one that suits the type of decor you wish to get and then your head will be literally rocked to another level by these beautiful decor trends suggested by your wedding decorator for your Bangalore wedding.

Candles but Tapered

Couples are opting to pare down their wedding decorations, prioritising quality over quantity, and are also returning to more traditional approaches. And the sign is made up of those eternal taper candles! Without a doubt, one of the most prominent trends in wedding decoration. Candles are the ideal choice for the decoration of a wedding, and taper candles have the ability to significantly improve the appearance of your venue in a very short amount of time and with very little work. To give your tables an elegant look, all you need to do is add a few taper candles here and there. If you want to achieve a high-end look on a limited budget, taper haircuts are an excellent choice to consider. The best part is that you can buy taper candles in practically any hue, ranging from the traditional colour white to shiny gold and even black for a wedding with a gothic theme. In order to achieve that perfect look, you can complement your taper candles with vintage candlesticks that are mismatched.

Go Earthy

Whether you want to get married in the middle of a remote forest or in the middle of a desert, the most recent iteration of the bohemian chic style focuses more on earthy themes, with a major emphasis on neutral colour palettes. This feathery grass is a popular choice for boho weddings, and it is utilised in practically everything, from bouquets to centrepieces and other colourful ceremony backdrops. The pampas grass has a natural tan to brown coloration, which lends it an inherently elegant and sophisticated air. The nicest part about it, though, is that it can be coloured to fit the colour scheme of your wedding.

Wonderful feathers

If you want to have a truly one-of-a-kind look at the location of your wedding, feathers are the way to go. The use of feathers in wedding decor is becoming increasingly popular. The best aspect is that not only are they available in large quantities for a low price but also that you can get them in bulk either offline or online. To achieve a sophisticated appearance, you can either use them to make enormous feather wreaths that you can place on the walls or you can just add them to centrepieces and flower vases. It is an efficient way to acquire a one-of-a-kind and sophisticated wedding decoration without breaking the bank.

Pragmatic Signage

Over the past several years, there has been a significant shift toward using a variety of different styles of signage for weddings. First, there were chalkboards, then wooden signage and mirrors, then neon signs, and now felt letter boards and light boxes in a nostalgic style are becoming increasingly popular. Couples that are looking for minimalist wedding ideas will find both of these wedding signage ideas to be appropriate for their needs. The best thing about them is that they go wonderfully with floral embellishments of any kind.

Let’s sum it up

The city of Bangalore, which serves as the capital of Karnataka and is often referred to as Bengaluru, is recognised as one of the most important information technology hubs in the country. Namma Bengaluru is the name that the city’s locals refer to it fondly. Because of its exceptional variety and high standard of living, Bangalore is an excellent choice for the location of a wedding. Access to hotels is not a problem in Bangalore, and the city also has a good supply of everything else that could possibly be required for a wedding to go off without a hitch. It is common knowledge that the decorations for the wedding play an important part in every marriage. In addition to producing an upbeat atmosphere, it communicates a sense of the individual’s personality as well as their taste.