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Dachshund Bobblehead History: Know Everything About It


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There are many options for dachshund lovers looking for the perfect gift or a new bobblehead. Bobbleheads are available in many sizes and shapes, so they will bring a smile on the faces of dog lovers.

Famous people who owned Dachshunds

Dachshund Bobblehead History

The dachshund is one of the most popular breeds of dog in America and the world. The little dogs are immortalized in literature, art and popular culture. These are some famous people who owned Dachshunds.

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert are two of the most famous dachshund owners. In 1845, the couple purchased their first dachshund.

Waldman VI is Queen Victoria’s favourite dachshund. Queen Elizabeth II is also a fan. Corgis are paired with her dachshunds. Stanley was also her dachshund.

William Randolph Hearst was another famous owner of dachshunds. Hearst Castle had a fountain that he installed a ramp for. Hearst also owned many dachshunds. Amos, a famous dachshund, and an archie were also his.

Similar stories can be found in the story of John F. Kennedy’s dachshund Dunker. Dunker stayed in the United States even though he was abroad in Europe in 1937. His family awarded him a hero’s award. The fur of his dog caused severe allergies in the president.

German dachshund bobbleheads

German dachshund bobbleheads

Aral, a German company, revived the German dachshund bobblehead several years ago. The big-headed dolls of dachshunds were used in their advertising campaign. In less than one year, they sold 500,000 copies.

In the United States, these bobblehead dolls can be purchased as Happy Meals. These dolls can also be found on car shelves. Wackeldackel is the German term for “wobbling Dachshund”.

In the 1970s, German bobblehead dolls were first introduced in Germany. They were made to raise funds for dachshund charities. These were sold in German corner shops. These figures were originally found in the rear dashes on German notchback cars. In the 1970s, the dachshund was made the symbol of Germany.

These dolls were purchased for EUR28, plus shipping costs. They were extremely popular. They are sold worldwide.

The American “bobblehead” is the wagging head of a dachshund. The 1950s saw the rise of baseball and the bobblehead was born. It is also associated with the Summer Olympics.

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