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Creative Ways to Store Your Plastic Shopping Bags


Plastic Shopping Bags

Creative Ways to Store Your Plastic Shopping Bags: Plastic grocery bags are slowly reducing as awareness of their harmful effects is rising. But most purposes still need plastic bags as a carrier due to their many features.

Most still have a bunch of plastic bags in our homes that we are looking for ways to store. You may think of putting all of them in another bag or in a typical plastic bag organiser. Both of these days are effective, but there are many other creative ways to store plastic shopping bags. Moreover, most of the other methods involve d and the use of upcycled materials for storage. 

We’ll start with the most common and not-so-creative method- 

Store them all in one bag

There is no question in assuming that you have already tried this method. But if you haven’t, you are missing out on the easiest way to store your bags. Use one of the plastic bags to store all the others. It is effective as you can keep them all bunched together without spilling out in the closet. Also, keeping them in a bag together can help you minimise a lot of mess. 

Sleeve pouches

The sleeve pouches you purchase from the store to organise your shopping bags are quite easy to make at home. Choose a colourful piece of fabric that goes along with the theme of your kitchen and cut it into 18 by 22 inches. 

Fold your fabric halfway and paste its sides using glue.  Leave the top side open to place all the plastic shopping bags and put in an elastic or drawstring to avoid your bags from falling out. Also, paste a loop or a ribbon at the top so you can hang it in your kitchen or inside of a cupboard on a hook. 

Repurpose that wipe container

Wipe containers are an excellent student solution for a lot of stuff in your household.  They especially work great to store plastic shopping bags. You can choose both box-shaped or cylindrical wipe containers for this storage. 

If you use a baby wipe container, roll out of the bags to store them. Lay a bag flat and fold it in half. Then place the handle of another bag touching the bottom of the first bag. Repeat this process with all the bags and then roll them the long way. Leave the handle of the bag sneaking out. Now place the roll inside the container and take out the handle from the top where the wipes come out from.  It will work just like the wipes do; when you pull out one, the other will pop out on its own. 

Plastic Jug With Handle

This organiser is beneficial and can multitask as a dish towel holder. Cut the top of your jug and make this multipurpose plastic bag organising and dish towel holder. User command strip to put on the back of a plastic jug and hang it upside down on the side of a refrigerator, inside of the cabinet. Plastic shopping bags inside through the hole on the top.

If you have enough plastic lying here and there in your home, use these techniques to organise them neatly. 

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