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Choosing a Caddy Shower


You can store towels and shower accessories with a caddy in your shower. The caddy allows you to keep them easily accessible, as well as to maintain your bathroom’s design aesthetic.

You can find a caddy in many different styles, such as a bamboo or iDesign Formbu Caddy, or a three-tier or Umbra Cubiko caddy.

iDesign Formbu Bamboo

The iDesign Formbu Bamboo shower caddy is elegant and easy to put in. It’s made from bamboo, which adds a touch of natural flair to your bathroom.

It’s also got a pretty impressive list of features. It has two shelves that can be adjusted and an aluminum frame which is rustproof. For hanging loofahs, bath accessories and other items there are four hooks. The bottom of the unit has a suctioncup to keep it from moving around.

Although the iDesign Formbu Bamboo might not be the most stable or durable shower caddy on the market, it does have some very nice features. Suction cups at the top prevent the caddy’s movement. Also, the bottom has a couple of pegs to hang a washcloth.

Umbra Cubiko

Umbra Cubiko caddy-shower is modern and sleek. It comes with a variety of useful features, including two large shelves, repositionable S-hooks, and multiple drainage holes.

You can attach the CUBIKO caddy over the shower door with its patented s-hooks. This saves space and allows for you to use less bathroom space. Another option is to mount the caddy over the shower arm. Another option is to attach it to the showerhead. You can keep a variety of items, regardless of the location.

Rust protection is one the most appealing features of Umbra CUBIKO’s shower caddy. It’s made of a coated metal that’s resistant to rust. This means it won’t be completely anti-rust but it can still be protected by a rust inhibiting spray. Alternatively, you can use a protective coating like automotive wax.


Three-tier shower caddy are a good choice if you want to organize your shower area. It will keep your soap, lotion, and shampoo in one place while making it easy to grab the items you need for your daily routine.

A three-tier caddy has all the bells and whistles. You can store multiple bottles in the caddy, it has drainage holes and hooks for holding razors or loofahs. Even the tray can be taken out for quick cleaning.

A three-tier caddy can be fitted into almost all standard showerheads. The caddy can be installed without the need for any additional tools. It has an aluminum anodized frame that is strong and rustproof. The frame is ideal for those who need small storage solutions for their bathroom.


Hanging caddies are a fashionable way to organize your bathroom essentials. They come in many styles and are easy to put together. No matter if you’re living alone or sharing a bathroom, you can find a caddy to fit your needs.

The corner caddies can be used as a wall-mounted alternative to hanging baskets. These caddies have 2 shelves that can be used for bodywash, conditioner and shampoo. However, they can also be used as an under-sink storage system.

Corner caddies are made of stainless steel, which makes them strong and durable. The caddies can also be cleaned easily. These make them an excellent choice for people who are not handy with tools.

SimpleHuman’s adjustable shower caddy makes a wonderful choice for those who want a classic style. Made of stainless-steel, it can also be vertically adjusted.