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Fortnite’ Challenge Guide – Where To Search 7 Chilly Gnomes


Chilly gnomes : We’re going with a winter theme this week, as you might expect. Season 7, Week 6 tasks are now available, so keep reading to learn where to discover 7 cold gnomes in Fortnite: Battle Royale, along with a guide, map, and locations.

Where To Find 7 Chilly Gnomes In ‘Fortnite’ Challenges

chilly gnomes

It’s time to go in search of some gnomes. Gnome hunts have been one of the most continuous obstacles in Fortnite for whatever reason, if you’re new to the game.

We’ve had straight-up hidden gnomes, laughing gnomes, and hungry gnomes: the Fortnite island isn’t short on gnomes in any way, shape, or form, and that’s all there is to it.

(Click here to learn how to slide an ice puck over 150 metres in a single toss.) Click here to see the rest of the Season 7, Week 8 challenges.)

To begin with, a cold gnome has had a string of bad luck: he’s a garden gnome trapped in an ice block, and I’m hoping that “hunting” means releasing him. Here’s everything you need to know:

Gnomes are known for appearing in unexpected places, but the chilly version are all found outside, making finding them a little easier. They produce a shivering sound, so keep an ear out for it if you’re close by.

We’re not searching the entire map; instead, we’re only looking in the ice biome. This is a little different from other treasure hunt-style tasks because we’re only looking in the ice biome.

On Polar Peak, by a tower southeast of the castle.
Just south of Shifty Shafts, by a huge tree on a slope
Just east of the Viking Village, on a hill south of the nameless factory.

Snobby Shores is located to the south of Snobby Shores.
Viking Village is to the south. Next to Happy Hamlet’s northernmost structure. On a small snowdrift on the north side of the island, on an iceberg south of the island, Drop in via the hole in the ground surrounded by trees in the Yeti Cave east of Happy Hamlet.

That should be enough for now. You won’t be able to finish these in Playground mode, so your best hope is to play in a huge squad mode, where you can at least get a break from being pursued like a small terrified animal while you explore around buildings and fields.

That means Disco Domination right now. Because of the speed with which the circle shrinks, it’s not ideal, but we could get something more appetising like Team Rumble next week. Keep in mind that these tasks will continue till the end of the season.

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