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5 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About the Original Charlie’s Angels Show


Charlie’s Angels are one of pop culture’s most long-lasting franchises. Movie remakes, series remakes, and more. And it all started in 1976 when the series hit the screens of homes around the world. 

5 Behind-the-Scenes Facts About the Original Charlie’s Angels Show

If you’re a Charlie’s Angels superfan, you’ve no doubt been along for the entire ride. But do you know everything that happened behind the scenes? 

Keep reading for five show facts that might surprise you. 

Only One Person from The Charlie’s Angels Cast Lasted the Whole Series

Jacyln Smith is the only Angel that lasted the entire show. She played the part of Kelley Garrett for all five seasons. The series had highly publicized cast changes, starting with Fawcett leaving the series before the airing of the season one finale. 

Ever wondered what has happened to the Charlie’s Angels cast since then?

The Original Title of the Popular Series Was Supposed to Be Different

Can you believe that Charlie’s Angels, a name that is so well known in pop culture had the original title ‘The Alley Cats’? 

Spelling and Goldberg originally proposed this title for the series, but the rise of feminism in the 70s quickly put an end to it. 

Kate Jackson proposed the name ‘Harry’s Angels’ after their unseen benefactor (yes, he used to be ‘Harry’, not ‘Charlie’). 

The name was changed because of the popular detective show at the time Harry-O and the decision settled on Charlie’s Angels — thank goodness. 

Farrah Fawcett’s Contract Included a Strange Clause

It may have been the time of feminism and women empowerment, but Farrah Fawcett was still in the kitchen every night cooking dinner for her husband.

In fact, she was so committed to this wifely duty that her contract stipulated that she would never shoot past 7 pm. All so she could make it in time to cook for her husband, The Six Million Dollar Man — Lee Majors. 

Ironically enough, it was marital trouble that caused Fawcett to leave the show before the end of the first season. 

A $20,000 Per Episode Budget for Clothes

If you’ve thought to yourself how good Charlie’s Angels always looked, now you know it’s because of the huge clothing budget for the show. 

Fighting crime while wearing the latest high-end fashion is what the gorgeous Angels became known for. There were eight costume changes every hour (with Fawcett wearing 12 outfits on one episode). 

Everything down to the shoes and the jewelry were high-end. 

Spelling Missed the Point and Attempted a Male Spin-Off

How could Spelling miss the fact that the reason that people loved Charlie’s Angels is precisely because it was an all-female, stunning cast? Well, he did. 

He attempted to propose an all-male spin-off called Toni’s Boys (cringe). There was a rodeo rider and athlete among Toni’s team, but alas, the pilot did not take off. 

Are You Surprised by These Behind the Scenes Facts?

So, as a Charlie’s Angel superfan, are you surprised by these behind the scenes facts, or is it all old news to you? You’re probably just waiting patiently for the next movie to come out — keep your fingers crossed!

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